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4chan Users Claim to Have Hacked Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s iPhone, iPad4chan Users Claim to Have Hacked Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s iPhone, iPad

4chan Users Claim to Have Hacked Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s iPhone, iPad HIGHLIGHTS 4chan hackers found John Podesta’s password in WikiLeaks email dump WikiLeaks, however, says it had changed password before releasing emails Podesta’s Twitter account had been hacked earlier as well Hackers on a 4chan message board claim to have wiped the […]

okemon Go Being Used by Hillary Clinton in Presidential Campaign: Report

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has started to use the newly-launched Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokémon Go as a campaigning tool to register voters. The game, which came out on July 6, encourages users to walk around and visit “PokéStops” where they can acquire items for the game like Poké Balls and “gyms” where they […]

Titanfall 2 launch Date, single-player campaign, and Multiplayer Beta showed

HIGHLIGHTS Sci-fi shooter Titanfall 2 can be out on October 28. It functions a unmarried–player campaign that can be performed offline. There will be a multiplayer beta previous to launch. Hours before EA’s own event prior to E3 2016, EA Play, the enterprise broadcasted practice sessionpictures containing the discharge date and unmarried–participant campaign trailer for […]

right here’s Why famous person Wars Battlefront Does now not Have a unmarried-participant campaign

HIGHLIGHTS No unmarried–player mode in star Wars Battlefront was a glaring omission. EA explained it become ignored so the game might be out whilst the movie turned into. famous person Wars Battlefront’s sequel would possibly have a single–player campaign. megastar Wars Battlefront turned into one of the more divisive entries in an extended–running line of […]

South Bend Apologizes for Lifting Salt Lake’s Tourism campaign almost Wholesale

There are imitations, after which there are copies. sadly, go to South Bend’s new tourism and conventionadvertising and marketing is the latter—a quite blatant knockoff of a well–received 2015 marketing campaign through visit Salt Lake, from the overall subject all the way down to the very typography. Salt Lake’s marketing campaign turned into themed “there […]

The actual Heroes: Meet the British Indian legal professional Who Had commenced the ‘free Sarabjit Singh’ marketing campaign

Meet Jas Uppal, a British legal professional fighting to keep Indian citizens implicated in wrongful legalcases overseas and with out the assets to convey themselves competently domestic. She commencedthe ‘loose Sarabjit Singh’ campaign and has on the grounds that then rescued numerous migrant peoplewho have been dealt with mercilessly in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia […]