UTEP photo layout group Featured in e book


The bookdeveloping Citizen Designers” by means of Elizabeth Resnick, now on sale, consists of a UTEP case have a look at. a collection of 5 graphic design college students worked on the undertaking six years ago for former metropolis of El Paso Mayor John cook.

The campaign for his Señor John’s BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs protected the layout of a stationerysystem, shopping bags, a point of purchase display and a 4-bottle package deal layout package.

though now discontinued, proceeds from the sales of the products were distributed through the Feeding the nation’s Homeless foundation to nonprofit and governmental organizations that feed the hungry.

the inspiration at the back of each of the designs became cardboard symptoms on occasion utilized byhomeless people.

“I used hand-crafted typography and illustrations, seeking to mimic the symptoms to grasp attention,” saidteam member Lorena Mondragon.

Mondragon adds, “each taste label had a exceptional color, all which had been shiny to comparison the cardboard texture. I also tried to design the shopping bag in a way that served no longer best forconsumer functions, but also as an informational point of reference approximately homeless data. in preference to just strolling around showing a logo, the bag despatched a message and providedpossibilities for destiny conversations about homelessness, a big problem in the usa.”

the previous students involved with the task are Mondragon and Berenice Mendez in addition to UTEPartwork accomplice Professor Antonio Castro H.

would You e book a journey with out understanding the destination? inside the great international of wonder journey


Photographed by means of Angelo Pennetta, style, September 2015

some people hate surprises. however, in the case of critical Saint Martins picture layout students James Robinson and Georgia Harman, the reward is in the big monitor. For a recent school venture, the pairchanged into requested to create typography and labeling for a fictitious airline. Their concept is known asTraverse—an airline that caters to curious vacationers. The Traverse tickets have locations on them which can be blacked out via a scratch-off surface, and they’re discovered to the passengers simplest on their boarding skip. tourists also receive a package deal containing the itinerary and guidebook that suits thewonder destination.

What a thrill it might be to board a flight now not understanding wherein you might turn out to be. Andwhile Robinson and Harman’s concept has now not but come to fruition, there are IRL services thatprovide the identical kind of wanderlust-friendly adventures. This summer time, be amazed, take adanger, and comply with within the footsteps of those four wildly precise companies, however blind your journey can be.

percent Up + go
if you’re itching for a summer weekend getaway however need something a bit more out of the field, then% Up + pass is the proper vicinity to start. travelers can sign on to the agency’s internet site, offer abudget, and fill out a survey. as soon as completed, p.c. Up + cross will plan a surprise ride, inclusive of journey and resorts, someplace inside the continental united states of america. a week earlier thanthe scheduled trip, you receive an e-mail with advocated gadgets to percent for the surprise vacation spot, as well as a weather report for the thriller region and where the departure area is and what time. a few days before the ride, an envelope containing the destination arrives and you’re instructed to open itbest when you’ve reached your departure factor. no longer a awful manner to spend a summer Friday.

Brown + Hudson
This luxurious global journey agency gives an itinerary calledjourney without a destination.” Theretailers at Brown + Hudson will conduct an interview and then select predeparture meetings and in-u . s . a . visits and activities. the various trips are tailored to help vacationers become immersed inside thenearby tradition. you may land up in a temple in Tokyo or an oil subject in Texas.

Lufthansa marvel
The airline has recently released a tour alternative in which clients can pick among nine classes thatinclude such topics as Nature, solar & Sand, and Partying. every of these capabilities seven to 12 eutowns like Bilbao, Warsaw, and Lisbon, and you could pick your top choices; you won’t recognise whichvacation spot you’ve been given till after your purchase. even though this service is currently only beingprovided out of the Frankfurt and Munich airports, we’re guessing that the trend may grasp hold of greatermajor airlinesthose in need of a customer rankings improvein the months to return.

Magical thriller excursions
Don’t be fooled with the aid of the marginally cheesy call—Magical mystery excursions is the real deal for marvel vacations. You give the organisation’s dealers your desired journey dates and finances, and fill out a survey about persona and journey alternatives (you hate tenting, say, or are uncomfortable at thebeach). when you reach your precise airport, teach station, or bus terminal, you’ll open an envelope revealing which you’re being sent anywhere from a faraway metropolis in Costa Rica to the center of bustling Hong Kong.

Herb Lubalin: Typographer – A e book that explores the typographic master

Herb Lubalin claimed no longer to be a remarkable typographer. “In reality,” he said, “I’m horrible,because I don’t observe the regulations.” This new book proves the other. On every page it featuresLubalin’s typographic genius (emblems, layouts, lettering and typefaces), and locations him at the forefrontof 20th century typographic innovation.

Lubalin is, by way of these days’s standards, a typographic grasp. the whole lot he did – operating in collaboration with some of the giants of lettering and kind – had the flicker of genius. He even had names for what he did: he described it as ‘photograph expressionism’ or ‘conceptual typography’. using hispotential to evolve, merge and create new typographic forms, he become capable of decorate and extendmeaning in methods that hadn’t been seen before.

Having published books celebrating the genius of Herb Lubalin as a graphic fashion designer running in lots of spheres, this new quantity Herb Lubalin: Typographer by way of Unit editions concentratescompletely on Lubalin’s typography. It comes with new texts, new design, new pictures, and masses ofpreviously unpublished material.

thru direct submission | All pictures courtesy of Unit variants

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Get New Top-End Models

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Get New Top-End Models

If the existing top-of-the-line Surface Book and the Surface Pro models weren’t cutting it for you,Microsoft has introduced more powerful new models for both. Now you can finally snag a 1TB inbuilt storage with Intel Core i7 model.

The new top-end Surface Book model features 1TB of SSD, 16GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU, and a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is priced at $3,199 (roughly Rs. 216,700). The new Surface Pro 4 model, which offers the same hardware specs aside from a discrete GPU, is priced at $2,699 (roughly Rs. 183,,000).


Both the new models are available in the United States and Canada. The Surface Book is available online-only via Microsoft Stores and other select retailers. The new Surface Pro 4 will be available in Microsoft stores and through select retailers. Microsoft has not announced if this top end model will be made available in India, where the Surface Pro 4 was launched earlier this month.

Alongside the new models of the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, Microsoft has also launched a new Surface Pen. It offers the same specifications as other Surface Pen models, but comes in a Gold colour option. It also includes the Surface Pen Tip Kit that helps a user to change the tip in accordance with different writing and drawing styles. It is priced at $59.99 (roughly Rs. 4,100).


The new gold Surface Pen is available in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. No details about when the new accessory will come to India.

Launched at a media event in October, the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 both have garnered raving reviews from the company. While Microsoft is yet to tell how many of these devices have sold so far, it noted recently that the sales are going well.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4




Intel Core M3

Front Camera



2736×1824 pixels




Windows 10



Rear Camera


Battery capacity

See full Microsoft Surface Pro 4 specifications
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 128GB
₹ 79,000
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12 Tablet Intel i5 4GB 1…
₹ 79,190
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12 Tablet Intel i5 8GB 2…
₹ 104,990
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Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Get Firmware Updates; Users Complain They’re Buggy

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Get Firmware Updates; Users Complain They're Buggy

Microsoft has released its first firmware updates of the year for the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4computing devices. The updates aim to deliver a range of improvements, though if you were hoping fixes for battery drain and wake-up issues, your wait isn’t over just yet.

The Redmond giant on Thursday released January 2016 firmware updates for both its new Surfacedevices. The company notes that the updates will offer thermal tuning, wireless access point compatibility, and better support for 5GHz Wi-Fi network.

Additional improvements include enhanced keyboard detection and stability patches for Nvidiagraphics cards. The description of the update confirms that Microsoft hasn’t yet patched the battery drain and sleeping issues in the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, and that should upset many users.

(Also see: Microsoft Says Upcoming Processors Will Only Support Windows 10)

Last month, Microsoft acknowledged an issue with the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book that waspreventing the devices from going to standby mode properly – this as you can imagine, also took a toll on the battery.

This is apparently happening because of issues in the Intel Skylake chipsets. Microsoft last month noted that it would release a fix for the aforementioned issues “sometime soon in the new year.” Now, it appears affected users would have to wait for a few more weeks.

If that wasn’t disappointing enough, the updates as per user complaints and are also causing driver issues. Oddly enough, the update has also made it harder to detach the Surface Book screen at all. Some users also note that after the update, their Surface device has stopped recognising the Surface Pen.

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Microsoft Assures Users It’s Working on Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Battery Bug

Microsoft Assures Users It's Working on Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Battery Bug

Microsoft is reassuring users that it hasn’t forgotten about the improper sleep and battery drainage issues that are crippling – what otherwise are two great computing devices – the Surface Pro 4 and theSurface Book. The Redmond, Washington-based company says that it will soon release patches to fix the aforementioned issues.

Last week, Microsoft released January 2016 firmware updates for the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4, the two hybrid devices it launched in October last year. The updates were aimed to bring network and thermal improvements, but do not address the infamous improper sleep and battery drainage issues.

Microsoft has addressed the concerns, adding that it is still working on the issues. Answering user questions on its forum, the company wrote, “We know some of you are still experiencing issues, including issues related to power management, and we are working to address those as quickly as possible. We’ll publish additional updates as soon as they are ready.”

Shortly after the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book went on the sale, many users started to complain about an improper sleep issue on their Surface device. Their Surface tablet wasn’t properly going to sleep mode, which as a result, also took a toll on the battery life.

Microsoft acknowledged the issue in December last year but noted that the fixes for them will only be available early this year. While it’s comforting to know that the company is working on them, it is disheartening for users that are still facing the issue. Chatter on the Web suggests that the issue stems from a flaw in Intel ‘Skylake’ Core processor, and affects other devices as well.

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