FantasySalesTeam Has Games that Make Sales Teams Better

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For those looking to give your sales team a bit more incentive to try their best, one company has created an app that makes their sales statistics as simple and competitive as fantasy sports.

The app, created by FantasySalesTeam, provides a creative alternative to boring sales contests by using your team’s own competitive spirit to drive sales and inspire them to do better both as individuals and as a group.

Recently, the developer behind the game, Incent Games Inc., was recently acquired by Microsoft. This means that within the next few months, you should see more features begin to pop up, and perhaps even more games for different fields.

While most sales competitions are designed in a way that gives a boost to the employee with the highest sales, FantasySalesTeam has creates a tiered rewards system based on popular online fantasy sport games that allows team members to compete in different categories: not just highest sales.

For example, one prize may be awarded to someone for making the most sales, while another employee can get an award for having the biggest improvement.

Developers claim the app is simple to use and provides an easy and fun way to keep track of productivity, taking a page out of fantasy football leagues to visualize competitors’ stats.

Players have their own profiles that display their performance and standings. They can access their teammates’ pages and stats as well. And they can also ‘draft’ those players onto their team, encouraging teamwork as well as friendly competition.

Even the interface for creating your sales game is designed to look like a game, with a bright rainbow path laid out with steps designed to help you create custom games in which your employees can compete.

Rather than having your team working against each other constantly in order to get one prize, the fantasy football inspired application allows them to work as a team while still being awarded for their individual performances. The interface designed to let you define your metrics in order to increase performance, drive and sales.

Using this application brings the ‘white board’ sales competition into the new era, putting information directly into the competitors’ hands. But does it work?

Reviews say yes. Some customers using the app showed staggering results. One team even saw an increase in sales of 176 percent.

Of course, you’ll have to try the app yourself to see if it’s the right fit for your team.

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9 Smart Widgets for a Better Customer Experience

online shop

Customer experience is the number one concern when creating your website.

You might not get it down the first time. Revisiting your design and features is a regular part of maintaining that site.

Here are 10 smart widgets (mostly WordPress-only) that will allow you to tweak your site functionality to offer your customers more options to play with your site.

1. Whatfix

Having a thorough, visual how-to tutorial that can lead a viewer through different steps is a great way to get through to visuals learners.

Whatfix lets you make those visual and interactive “instructables” within minutes, with intuitive and easy to follow features. All are fully customizable, and you can see examples on their website of just how creative you can get for your own.

They have a business edition for professional how-tos, but their free version will be fine for most users.

They also offer a “self-help” widget that will show your visual how-to as the badge on the page.

2. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

customer service widgets wordpress

Do you need a super simple rating star system to be implemented on your site? Visitors tend to enjoy rating a page or a product: They like the option to express their opinion. Whether it is used for rating products, videos, posts, or reviews for third parties, you can use Rating-Widget to get the job done.

It is totally customizable and easy to use. There is no limit on ratings, and it is free from any distracting branding. They have different levels for your needs, including business (highly supported).

3. Testimonial

customer service widgets wordpress

Create a single or multiple review testimonial slider to put on your website with the aptly named Testimonial. It shows potential customers what people already love about your product or service. The simple format and elegant font make this slider appropriate for any layout.

Choose between different layouts to make it even more flexible. Get their premium version for more control over how your testimonials are viewed.

Here’s an alternative one: Testimonials Widget

Choose between Carousel, fade, and slide transitions in this testimonials display widget. Mix and match content, so you can display text, images and videos seamlessly. This tool is compatible with shortcodes. It has a much more casual look than the above one. It is also a bit more functional.

4. Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

Sometimes some of the site widgets are really important and it’s a shame your user needs to scroll back to them all the time. Q2W3 Fixed Widget fixes that. Just install, select the widgets you need to stick, and it will scroll down when the user scrolled through the page. This will also keep your layout design from breaking or overlapping.

The fixed widget helps for monetization purposes because it helps you “pin” your most important call-to-action. Here are few more monetization tips and plugins that can help!

5. WP Video Lightbox

Embedded videos can be a problem in websites and blogs because there are other things catching the attention of the viewer. WP Video Lightbox eliminates distractions by creating a video overlay. It dims the background, so your viewer will be focused only on the video

It is compatible with both YouTube and Vimeo, so you won’t need to install separate plugins to use both of the most popular video sites. Using it is quick and painless. Just install the plugin, then use the regular embed codes at each site. It will do the rest for you automatically when the viewer clicks on the video preview.

6. Zendesk Web Widget

customer service widgets wordpress

Zendesk remains the number one customer service platform available on the web. The Zendesk Web Widget lets you take your own customer service efforts to the next level. You will be able to embed support options right into your website or Help section.

That include support search (articles), support contact forms, and even a live chat option that connects to online agents. This is only available for current versions of the Zendesk platform, so you will have to upgrade if you are using Classic.

I use Zendesk on a few websites of mine and I use Cyfe customer service dashboard to keep an eye on how my customer support is doing with each one.

customer service widgets wordpress

7. Opening Hours

customer service widgets wordpress

Need to display opening hours? Give Opening Hours a try.

You can customize per day, or for special events. List the hours that you are able to provide customer support or contact.

Give the opening and close times for venues where you will be holding gatherings. Or anything else that requires set times. You can add and remove periods of time or days in the weekly customizing view.

8. WordPress Feedback Form

customer service widgets wordpress

The best way to improve your site for customers is to find out what it is they want or need from you. WordPress Feedback Form is a quick way to do that, and to start gathering valuable information you can use for future changes. This is the ultimate feedback form, and probably the most popular.

You just fill in the blanks and choose your layout, and present it in the most attractive manner that matches your web design.

9. Trendemon

Trendemon is the conversion optimization platform that I’ve seen highly recommended recently. While it doesn’t directly affect  customer experience, it helps you better understand your site users and adapt to their needs.

Trendemon automatically identifies effective conversion paths and provides personalized and real-time recommendations to encourage users to buy or convert. The widget integrates with popular CMSes like WordPress, as well as many other popular marketing platforms.


Your customers should be your primary focus when making changes for site usability. The above widgets will allow you to make those changes easier. Even a tiny shift can make all the difference in the world, and be the step that links a lead to a conversion.

Do you have any tips or tools? Do you use a specific widget that you think our readers would enjoy?

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5 Killer Tips for Small Businesses to Generate Better Blog Traffic

5 Killer Tips for Small Businesses to Generate Better Blog Traffic

Companies that blog receive 97 percent more inbound links than those that don’t. – Hubspot

Almost everyone knows how valuable blogging can be and it is quite possible that you maintain one as well. Blogging can help you achieve several goals, which include improving brand awareness, selling products/services, or becoming a thought leader. Regardless of what your goals are, you need to divert as much traffic towards your blog as you can to achieve them.

Small businesses that have just got into blogging publish their articles, and wait for comments and likes to pour in… but more often than not they get nothing. This happens because most of the time, they are competing with hundred other blogs that talk about the same topic — “target” the same keywords — and speak to the same audience.

No doubt, traffic is key to blogging success, but you can’t expect it to pour in overnight. In order to build blog traffic, you need to invest time and effort and make your blog popular among your target audience. You need to create high-quality content consistently and distribute it across various channels.

But is it worth investing your valuable time and money to build a successful blog?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Take a look at the following stats:

  • Blogs result in 434 percent more indexed pages for websites on average. (Source)
  • Brands get an average of 1,200 new leads per month by creating 15 blog posts per month. (Source)

So let’s see if there are any simple ways to improve blog traffic dramatically:

How to Get Better Blog Traffic

1. Create Content Strategically

One of the best ways to increase blog traffic is by creating high-quality and informative content for the target audience. But other bloggers (in your niche) will also give their best to come up with exceptional content. So, along with quality, you also need to have a solid content strategy.

Most people fail to attract the desired attention since they don’t focus enough to the headlines of their blog posts. If you get the headline right, about eight out of 10 people will click to read your content.

Secondly, you need to write posts that are descriptive. While there have been endless posts debating the right length of posts, and whether long posts outperform short ones or vice versa, a study from Buzzsumosettles it: posts that go viral range between 3,000 and 10,000 words.

Better Blog Traffic - Create Content StrategicallySource

Thirdly, you need to create content that serves a specific need, one that is evergreen. This means, you need to create content that will remain relevant for a long time on the World Wide Web.

Before you start writing, make sure you know what your audience loves and what they hate. If you fall short of ideas for your blog, you can get new ideas from a variety of tools, forums, QA sites, or social media.

2. Share Content More Than Once

According to a post on KISSmetrics by Garrett Moon, companies don’t share the content they produce quite often which is why they fail to attract attention of the prospects. Most bloggers create posts and share them only once on various social media channels. If you do so, there may be people (may be hundreds) who missed the content when you shared it the first time. In order to reach the maximum number of people, it is best to share posts multiple times in a timely manner.

Social media can help you generate a huge amount of blog traffic when utilized properly, and sharing content more than once can trigger strong reactions. But make sure you don’t become a spammer by sharing posts too many times. The below image shows how you can share posts multiple times without being accused of spamming:
Better Blog Traffic - Share Content More than OnceSource

Think of various tactics to grab the reader’s attention while re-sharing. Frame the message in different ways to attract attention without coming across as a spammer or a bore.

3. Involve Thought Leaders

If you really want to generate better blog traffic, then you must get some thought leaders to write for your blog, or at least endorse your content and brand. This means reaching out to the influencers in your niche who have a large social following and who have been writing excellent content consistently for a long time. Ask them to contribute to your blog.

Influencer marketing is not just for product firms; in fact, professional services firms are taking the lead in using this practice. Gerrid Smith, niche SEO expert and Founder of strategic service marketing firm Black Fin, leverages the power of influencers for his clients, which include attorneys and law firms all across the US. According to Gerrid:

“Getting content from any Tom, Jane or Harry just won’t do. To really reach their audience, you also need to get them to rave about you on web properties that they own. Also there is the added SEO benefit of getting a link from a well-known website.”

If you can get experts and influencers to write about you, you will not only get quality content, but you can also position yourself in front of the expert influencer’s massive social network. The recently released movie ‘The Abundance Factor’ used the same secret sauce. The movie was highly praised, but if you delve deeper, you will see that the director did nothing but reached out to thought leaders and experts and got quotes (valuable content) from them for free.

However, it is not all that simple as Smith warns that reaching out and asking nicely doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you may have to “sweeten the deal.”

4. Go Where Your Audience Hangs Around

There are numerous channels through which you can promote your content, but not every social network will work for you. Try and identify where your target audience spends their time and focus on that particular platform.

Every social network caters to a specific set of audience, so you need to see which one works the best for you. If your posts are rich with visuals, you can try Instagram, Pinterest, or similar platforms. You can use analytics to determine the websites that drive the maximum referral traffic. Find out websites and forums where your audience engages and become an active contributor. Post links from your blog whenever appropriate.

5. Restructure Your Posts According to Readers’ Tastes

Sometimes, you need to restructure your blog posts based on your audience’s preferences, especially if they aren’t really captivated by your content. But, how will you understand if your readers are fascinated by your content or not? Simple, check the comments and the number of shares. If people aren’t commenting or hardly saying anything beyond “Great post!” chances are you need to restructure your posts immediately.

To improve your blog traffic, you need to say what your core audience wants to hear. Once you do it, they will not only interact with your posts, but also share and promote them on their social networks. But, to achieve this competitive edge, you need to first understand your readers and analyze their behavior. Basically, you need to focus on three metrics:

  • Bounce rate
  • Page views per visitor
  • Time on site

Better Blog Traffic - Restructure Your Posts According to Readers’ TastesSource

There are certain simple tweaks that can help you improve these metrics. For example, if you have a higher bounce rate, start by making your blog responsive, improve the load time and include calls to action that prompt users to engage further with your site.

In order to increase your average number of page views, you can simply crosslink your posts or add a “Related Articles” section at the end of your blog posts. Finally, to increase your visitors’ time on your website, use more images, headings and sub-headings, lists, bullets and block quotes, etc. within your text to improve its readability.

In Conclusion

There is no substitute for great content, but to become successful and drive maximum blog traffic, you need to have a strategy in place too. Know your audience, work with influencers and advocates, experiment with your posts, and keep measuring in order to drive the right traffic to your blog.

Feel free to share your success stories in the comments!

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The Xbox One S Performs Games Better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One S Plays Games Better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One S outperforms the Xbox One.
Games will have Better frame price at the Xbox One S.
Picture high-quality will improve as properly at the Xbox One S.
The Xbox One is barely two and a half years vintage and it is already being outclassed by its slimmervariation, the Xbox One S. No, we’re not relating to seems or garage capacity however raw overall performance. Microsoft would possibly need you to test out its next souped Xbox – Undertaking Scorpiowhile it hits around Christmas next 12 months, however it appears there are tangible advantages to upgrading to the Xbox One S.

In keeping with a Polygon interview with Gears of War four studio head Rod Fergusson, you may count onprogressed visuals and a more consistent body rate at the Xbox One S over the Xbox One.

Those include advanced floor element on factors like metallic and armour as well as greater constanttechnical performance for a smoother enjoy.

(Also see: Microsoft at E3 2016: Challenge Scorpio, Gears of Conflict 4, and Xbox Live)

“Gears of Struggle four employs a dynamic resolution device that tweaks the sport‘s rendering resolutionin each unmarriedplayer and multiplayer to preserve its goal body fee in every mode (30 frames in line with 2d and 60 fps, respectively),” Polygon’s post reads. “In keeping with Fergusson, the Xbox One S hasextra uncooked GPU and CPU strength compared to the Xbox One, and The Coalition’s engineers have been capable of take benefit of that to lessen the frequency of frame fee or decision penalties in moredemanding sections of the sport.”

Don’t expect Gears of Conflict 4 to be in local 4K for Task Scorpio even though.

“We need to observe what the engine can do with the power that Scorpio has,” stated Fergusson to Polygon. “Due to the fact we’re getting to know at 4K, it’s not about assets or art. it’s about getting the milliseconds down in terms of getting the game to 4K at 60 or 30 [fps] relying on unmarriedplayer or multiplayer.”

Thinking which were the high-quality Video games introduced at E3 2016? you can concentrate to our podcast via iTunes or just hit the play button below to discover.

The Xbox One S plays video games better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One S Plays Games Better Than the Xbox One

The Xbox One S outperforms the Xbox One.
video games may have higher frame price on the Xbox One S.
photo great will improve as properly on the Xbox One S.
The Xbox One is barely and a half years antique and it’s already being outclassed by way of its slimmerversion, the Xbox One S. No, we’re no longer referring to looks or garage potential but rawperformance. Microsoft would possibly need you to test out its next souped Xbox – challenge Scorpiowhen it hits round Christmas subsequent yr, however it appears there are tangible benefits to upgrading to the Xbox One S.

in step with a Polygon interview with Gears of conflict four studio head Rod Fergusson, you can assumeadvanced visuals and a extra constant frame rate at the Xbox One S over the Xbox One.

those include stepped forward floor element on factors like metallic and armour as well as extra regulartechnical performance for a smoother enjoy.

(also see: Microsoft at E3 2016: mission Scorpio, Gears of warfare 4, and Xbox live)

“Gears of battle 4 employs a dynamic resolution device that tweaks the game‘s rendering resolution inboth singleplayer and multiplayer to maintain its target body charge in every mode (30 frames in step with 2d and 60 fps, respectively),” Polygon’s publish reads. “in keeping with Fergusson, the Xbox One S has additional uncooked GPU and CPU electricity as compared to the Xbox One, and The Coalition’s engineers had been capable of take advantage of that to lessen the frequency of frame charge ordecision penalties in greater demanding sections of the sport.”

do not assume Gears of struggle 4 to be in local 4K for assignment Scorpio even though.

“We need to examine what the engine can do with the electricity that Scorpio has,” said Fergusson to Polygon. “due to the fact we’re mastering at 4K, it is now not about property or artwork. it isapproximately getting the milliseconds down in terms of getting the sport to 4K at 60 or 30 [fps] relying onunmarriedplayer or multiplayer.”

questioning which had been the first-rate video games announced at E3 2016? you may listen to our podcast via iTunes or just hit the play button below to discover.

For a few human beings, The Older The cellphone, The better

A C3 flip phone from Pantech (Photo: AP)

big apple: among splashy launches, lavish new-telephone offers (get a loose HDTV on activation!) andfrequent software updates that slow down your antique handset, it on occasion feels like the wholegeneration industry is pushing you to buy the modern-day phone. but a few holdouts resist.

Take Zak Sommerfield, 35, a software program analyst in new york, who has hung onto his LG satisfactionturn telephone for 5 years, despite the fact that his friends and co-workers make a laugh of it. “I hate smartphones, I hate how they take over human beings‘s lives and they spend all their time looking at them,” he says. “i would like to stay in this phone all the time.”

human beings like Sommerfield are a rarity. greater than ninety percentage of smartphone usersexchange up for more recent fashions within years, says Ramon Llamas, who tracks cell telephones atresearch firm IDC. but a fraction of the populace keeps to cling to older telephones, some three to fouryears old – or greater.

these upgrade holdouts have special motives for status athwart techno-development, yelling “prevent!”some reject the fashion closer to ever-larger displays, preferring smaller phones which might betougher to locate these days. Others truely are not wowed by way of the modern day functions, or see no reason to spend masses of greenbacks whilst their cutting-cuttingmodern phones neverthelesswork pleasant.

simply as we noticed with computers and capsules, lifetimes on humans‘s devices are commonlygetting a piece longer,” says Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis research.

every purchaser counts these days. basic phone sales are slowing down – especially in industrialized markets together with the U.S., where most of the people who want a cellphone already have one. IDC forecasts a ten percent growth in worldwide telephone income this 12 months, however this is slowednotably from 27 percentage growth in 2014.

some producers have turned to emerging markets for new income, but many customers there can come up with the money for only less expensive – and less worthwhilegadgets. To preserve making moneyon top rate telephones, Apple, Samsung and their rivals are counting on ordinary upgrades.

With its latest iPhones, Apple started an annual improve program that rentals customers the today’smodels for a year. upgrades are specially essential for Apple because iPhones account for greater thanhalf of of its revenue.

dash and T-mobile also have leasing alternatives aimed toward yearly iPhone improvements, howeverApple’s new leasing choice has put even extra strain on providers. They rely on normal improvements tomaintain present customers and sell them extra offerings, inclusive of larger statistics plans or cloudofferings and storage. considering a customer improvements only once every or 3 years, it is an “essential second to capitalize on” for companies, says FBR analyst Daniel Ives.

To encourage upgrades, producers were packing new phones with 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1chardware. The contemporary iPhones have better cameras and screen sensors to enable shortcuts anddifferent menus with a hard press. Samsung received critical approval for curved screens that spill over aphone‘s cutting-edges like a glassy waterfall.

phones additionally get new machine software program every yr, and plenty of apps require the today’supdates. even though many older telephones can get the modern day versions of Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS software program, the updates can sluggish them down, and the phones on occasion do notsupport all of the new capabilities.

no longer enormously, dash CEO Marcelo Claure argues that having the contemporary model is essentialto many people. telephones are “the most valued private ownership that we have,” Claure said in an interview. “We use our telephone to capture the recollections of our lives.”

however O’Donnell of Technalysis says cellphone era is “hitting the top of a curve.” As a result, each newversion brings tweaks and refinements instead of new must-have functions.

“I assume it is a little ridiculous to give up a wonderfully appropriate telephone for a brand new one this is simplest barely specific,” says Kelsey Scott, 25, from Hutchinson, Kansas, who has an iPhone 5S from 2013 and doesn’t plan to upgrade.

And even as many human beings upgraded final yr when Apple made largelength iPhones for the firsttime, matching what Samsung has lengthy had, others opt for smaller phones. Apple still sells the 4-inch iPhone 5S, but the generation is years antique. The present day, fastest iPhones measure four.7 inches and five.5 inches diagonally.

Nathan Jarus, 24, says he is been maintaining his eyes open for inexpensive phones with 4-inch displays,however complains that “almost no one appears to be making them.” The laptop technological know-how PhD candidate from outside Rolla, Missouri, nevertheless makes use of Google’s discontinued 3.7-inch Nexus One cellphone from 2010.

Brett Shoemaker, 22, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a everyday upgrader for the reason that authenticiPhone debuted in 2007 – but stopped in his tracks with the 4-inch iPhone five in 2012.

manufacturers are “forcing customers into larger display sizes for the brand new and greatest era” he says. “i’m taking into account not upgrading ever.” or even switching to a BlackBerry, he provides, onlyhalf of-joking.

excessivecease telephones begin at a $2 hundred, a subsidized fee that requires a twoyear servicesettlement. more currently, even though, wireless groups had been pushing people to pay full retail rateoften round $650 – through monthly installment plans. even though such deals additionally providediscounts on voice, text and records provider, many people simply see that they’re paying more for thephone.

John O’Neill, forty nine, a tax analyst in Dallas, says he won’t upgrade from his iPhone four, which he has had for nearly five years – more often than not because he would not want to lose his $30 limitless factsplan with Verizon. “i’ve seemed around and not anything comes close,” he said.

For Mary Reichard, 52, legal affairs reporter in Springfield, Missouri, the cash and worry of the unknown thatmaintains her from upgrading from her iPhone 4s she has had for two years.

“I lengthy for the old days of one land line and tiny month-to-month payments,” she said. She also fears she would possibly lose records if she improvements. “i am a child boomer, so generation remains form of frightening.”

And a few simply sense too attached to their present day telephone to offer it up. William Hurst, a 22-yearantique scholar in Portland, Oregon, stated he decided now not to upgrade due to the fact he feelsattached to his three12 monthsvintage iPhone five. He even likes its quirks like a lock display screenbutton that does not completely work and a crack from whilst he dropped it on cement in his rush to get in line for a concert.

i’ve lived two years of my lifestyles with this identical iPhone and it is a part of who i am,” he said.

Xbox One Elite controller assessment: A better gamepad at a steep charge

Is a gamepad really worth $150? it truly is the question Microsoft built-in with the Xbox One Elite controller, a revamp of its almost yearbuilt-intage paddle that shipped with the Xbox One. The enterpriseis not focused onintegrated this as a device for the maintegratedstream, even though. builtintegrated, the Elite is rather for built-inarily competitive game enthusiaststhe type that’d mod their controllers with1/3party add-ons for more precision. The customization it offers comes at a steep fee, costintegratedg over twice as a good deal as the standard $60 controller.

Why must you care? due to the fact the vanilla Xbox One controller appears like a reasonably-pricedknock-off of the vaunted Xbox 360 pad that came earlier than it. Microsoft said it spent over $100 million designintegratedg it, built-in odor-o-imagbuiltintegrated or even a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 projector for the gamepad, best to wbuiltintegrated with a on the whole integratedferior clone. It has too many sharp edges, feels builtintegrated hole and seems, properly, reasonably-priced. built-inintegrated,certabuiltintegrated the biggest reasons I don’t play my Xbox One a great deal as my playstation four isdue to the fact I pick the latter’s DualShock four controller. built-inintegrated all built-ing built-inmbuiltintegrated when you built-inintegrated built-ing announcement: i’ve been built-in the Elite controller for almost every week and i have not desired to put it down; that is the Xbox One gamepad wemust‘ve had from the outset.
The Elite controller is the pleasant Xbox gamepad Microsoft has ever made, but it does not comereasonably-priced. At $one hundred fifty, your pleasant wager is lookbuiltintegrated a rate drop or apackage deal deal until you are useless-set on gettintegratedg a leg up built-inintegrated parents on line.
Gallery: Xbox One Elite controller | 28 photographs


Out of the field, the Elite looks like a superficial improve. other than the 3.5mm headphone jack up the front and the new slider manipulate under and equidistant from the Menu and alternatives buttons, you’dbe forgiven for built-inintegrated the Elite pad with the same old one. it’s while you built-infutzintegratedg around with the built-inintegrated thumbstick alternatives or snappbuilt-ing metal leversintegratedto the bottom that the gamepad built-in searchbuiltintegrated precise.

The Elite comes with a clamshell case that has a molded space for the controller, a cargo pouch for spare earbuds, batteries and the percentintegrated, braided micro-USB cable (a requirement for maximumtournaments) so one can tether the pad to a console. there is additionally a molded rubber holder thatbuilt-in the 4 manipulate levers, two units of thumbsticks and spare directional pad integratedvicbuiltintegrated. The idea built-inintegrated the latter is that it’ll keep your more components cozydurbuiltintegrated travel so they don’t fall out after unzippintegratedg the case. In exercise, built-instayed built-in location for me aside from the faceted directional pad — its segment is too free topreserveintegrated that from bouncintegratedg around. on the flip side, the passstyle optionbuiltintegrated tremendously snugly.

the first thbuiltintegrated I noticed after I picked up the controller to pair it with my console built-inintegrated how heavy it built-into comparedintegrated to the same old gamepad. Microsoft says that with all 4 levers connected, a couple of built-included Duracell AAs and trendy thumbsticks, the Elite weighs 348 grams, provide or take 15. it really is 12.three oz. builtintegrated to its predecessor’s 9.9ounces. built-inintegrated, even though, the best time I observed built-in when I picked it upconsiderbuiltintegrated extra regularly than not, whilst i am gamintegratedg, my arms rest integratedmy lap.

That heft builtintegrated comes from the Elite’s remodeled built-innards. The thumbsticks feelexceedbuiltintegrated sprintegratedgy and unique, thanks to their metal creation. i’ve built-in been a fan of the sticks on the Xbox One pad. they’ve constantly felt rough and just were not cozy to me. With the Elite, I had the option built-ing amongst three one of a kbuiltintegrated units (standard, tall and 2convex heads) and built-ingintegrated them at the fly, however maximum of the time i used to beperfectly happy with the same old set. All are highly comfortable, even though, and feature the equaltop class sense because the relaxation of the controller.

Customization station

built-inintegrated on the game, I opted for one of a kbuiltintegrated configurations. For Halo 5: Guardians, I stuck a widespread stick on the left and one of the two times-as-tall options at the right. With Forza Motorsport 6, I reversed that. Why? With shooters, the extra height gave me greater leverage and ensured Iwouldn’t hit a face button built-ingintegrated twist of fate whilst aimintegratedg my assault rifle at my quarry. In a racintegratedg recreation, the added peak made built-in plenty easier.

now not best have the thumbsticks gotten an overhaul, however also the pots they sit down integrated did too. Microsoft added a low-friction rbuilt-ing to built-in which the stick makes contact with the faceplate and the end result is quite dramatic. movement just feels smoother because the metallic shafts drift effectsround when you‘re pushbuilt-ing them built-in the direction of the rims. It makes built-in the controller a bit quieter, too.

The sync button’s now sharbuilt-ing a lime builtintegrated hue with the d-pad socket, hair-cause locks and phone built-ints for the manipulate levers. What are those? steel pieces between an integratedch and anbuilt-inch and a 1/2 long that act as secondary built-inputs for any button on the controller. There are fourgeneral ( angled, directly) and you could arrange them built-in some of one of a kbuiltintegrated ways,some correct and others less so. it is feasible, built-inintegrated, to arrange them integrated a way built-in they will overlap. like the relaxation of the custom alternatives, these mabuiltintegrated integratedbuilt-in magnetically and built-in case youintegrated‘d built-instead not use them, it really is entirely as much as you.

one builtintegrated my largest proceedings about the usual controller is how stiff the proper and left shoulder buttons are. they’ve an exceedbuiltintegrated narrow candy spot to check builtintegrated adepression and the usage ofintegrated them has contbuiltintegrated felt simply hit or miss to me, with the integratednermost side beintegratedg damn near not possible to press built-in. With the Elite, that gripe’s been integrated. right here, they’re a touch easier to press at their outermost edges, however even at the other end (whereintegrated the actuators resideintegrated) it takes dramatically much less attemptand is more even all the manner across. both the shoulder buttons and the triggers beneath feature a matte silver integrated as opposed to the standard‘s slippery black gloss, and the latter’s throw is about3/sixteen of an integratedch shorter. And built-in place ofintegrated the same old triggers’ squishy feel,those make a company click whilst you bottom out.

The battery tray is built-inintegrated equal built-inityintegrated as earlier than, but now it has markersintegrateddicatintegratedg what function the hair-cause locks are integrated. without delay on bothfacet are the recessed metal knobs that take the analog triggers and dramatically lessen the space youneed to drag before your on-display screen gun fires.

I couldn’t built-in use for the faceted d-pad at some stage builtintegrated my review, however supposedlyit’s higher for pullbuilt-ing mixtures integrated combatbuiltintegrated games. As a button masher (restassured i’m not quittbuilt-ing my day process for eSports) it felt like the magnet changed builtintegratedslightly able to built-inintegrated the concave piece of steel built-in place. built-inintegrated, it lookscool, but as soon as I built-in the steel move d-pad, I built-in no way took it out. The A, B, X and Y buttonschanged from built-in, crimsonintegrated, blue and yellow, respectively, to all black. And the aforementioned wellknown headphone jack rests off to the aspect of built-in the previously required headset adapter did on the standard controller, at the same time as a legacy connection for reasonbuiltheadsets just like the Astro A40 Xbox One version sits next to it. it is a smart circulate because it doesn’talienate anybody who offered a selected headset formerly.

To me, the same old controller has constantly felt like a prototype builtintegrated a built-in product — with its difficult edges and different questionable layout picks. That isn’t always the case right here. The Elitecapabilities a tender rubber endintegrated on a majority of its floor, with a extra aggressive diamond-pattern grip wherebuiltintegrated your hands rest beneath. The DualShock four has a textured underside too, however it can not built-intabuiltintegrated a candle to this. as an builtintegrated, slidintegratedg the Elite throughout the glass table built-in my home office proved quite difficult. i would as nicely weredraggbuilt-ing a pencil eraser throughout it. Even after a 4-hour Halo five consultation, the controllerfailed to experience like it would slip out of my moist palms.

The app

The customization options do not stop with the hardwarethere may be an app that gives you thechance to completely rebbuilt-ind every button’s characteristic (apart from Menu and options) to a one of a kbuiltintegrated one. want the digital shoulder buttons to carry out the cause obligations? I cannotendorse that, but move proper beforehandintegrated. How approximately adjustintegratedg the A, B, X and Y buttons builtintegrated mimic Nbuilt-intendo’s non-widespread layout? Have at it. effectively, thisoffers you whole manage of ways your gamepad works, with out bebuilt-ing subject to the tyranny of pre-built-in manage schemes on a recreationby usbuiltintegratedsport foundation.

Gallery: Xbox accessories app | 23 photos

beyond that there may be a raft of other custom settbuilt-ings. the new slider button permitsintegratedfor swappbuilt-ing among two onboard manage schemes, but you could create and shop as many as youwant built-in your machbuiltintegrated profile and access them from everywhere with built-internetintegrated connection. There are impartial modifications for thumbstick sensitivity (gradual built-inintegrated, rapid built-in, on the spot, default) that govern how plenty distance the sticks need to tourearlier than integratedsport movement registers. An choice for adjustintegratedg cause sensitivity anddeadsector is right here too. additionally, built-in case youintegrated‘ve ever desired to show down the haptic remarks, or turn it off absolutely, there’s an option for that as well. surely, all it really is built-inintegrated is the potential to show the manual button’s light off completely and the option topermanently built-invert the proper stick’s Y-axis. The latter’s specifically built-ing built-inkbuiltintegrated you may switch left and proper thumbstick assignments (so motion maps to the rightstick and aimbuilt-ing built-in to the left) built-in app.

In use

shall we say you are like me and are exceedbuiltintegrated beaten built-ingintegrated the complexity of remappintegratedg every button at the controller. this is built-in which recreation developer-made presets come built-into play. There are simplest a handful available right now and they’re built-inintegrated first-party games like Halo, Forza 6 and Gears of struggle, but Microsoft promises extra are en path forcelebrity Wars: Battlefront III and call of duty: Black Ops III. The Halo five preset tailored to campaignmode, for example, liberates squad built-in and waypointegratedt region from their bulky role on the d-pad to the manipulate levers. built-inbuiltintegrated all the way down to the d-pad to tell crew Osiris toassault an enemy is awkward, however assignintegratedg that missionintegrated to the levers makes bestfeel because it‘s constantly built-in attabuiltintegrated.

extra dramatic is the built-inctionintegrated the levers make built-in Forza 6, whereintegrated theyfunction paddle shifters and a grasp for guide transmissions. they’re truelyintegrated useful; i’ve built-inbeen relaxed usbuiltintegrated a stick shift with a gamepad, but built-inbecause I don’t have the spacebuilt-in my rental, a racbuilt-ing wheel is not viable. That is not the case anymore. but, havintegratedg all4 levers built-in location (manual requires two; manual with grab doubles that) clutters built-ingsintegrated up a chunk. each time I placed all four on no matter the sport, I ran the hazard of by accident built-ingintegrated some concurrently. what is more, of everythbuiltintegrated at thecontroller, the levers sense most likely to fall off at the same time as integrated due to the fact the magnets don’t appear as sturdy as somewhere else on the gamepad.

The built-in controller’s battery life is exceptional, and after more or less 15 hours for the duration of myassessment, the clean set of preferred AAs had simplest worn right down to 75 percent ability. I have nodoubt that the Elite will builtintegrated or built-in its forebearer’s battery lifespan, built-inlyintegrated built-inintegrated the options for adjustintegratedg haptic motor built-intensity.


built-in, is all of this really worth $150? That solution depends on how plenty and what you play on Xbox One — regardless of your seasoned-gambuilt-ing aspirations. Even built-inintegrated the hardwarecustomization alternatives, there are big improvements. were the Elite a $30 top class over the standardcontroller built-inintegrated $90, my recommendation would be loads simpler. built-in i am hesitant: one of the controllers will set you returned nearly 1/2 of what the console you would use it with expenses. sure, the Elite would not feel like a cheap toy, but anybody else may need to built-in out for a charge dropbuilt-ing that the customization app is combuilt-ing for the usual controller too, and the rubber handgrips i’mso fond of exist on any other reliable gamepad. builtintegrated‘ve been integrated to shop for an Xbox One, cross for built-inent Elite package that packs the controller and a console carrybuiltintegrated a 1TB hybrid power for $499 due to the fact for now the controller’s price is simply too hard to justify on its very own.

‘Resident Evil’ the play is better than I predicted

the first Resident Evil games have been my favorites. With comically bad speak just like the now infamous“Jill sandwich” meme, anxiety built on scare strategies, gore and the fun of a shotgun blast, easier becomehigher, or at the least extra a laugh. As quickly because the franchise commenced to take itself toocritically, i ended paying interest. So whilst Capcom decided to make the video game horror franchiseinto a degree play, I feared it would both steer immediately into closed-area melodrama (i.e., actors trapped in a room; one has a darkish mystery) or that it’d actually have little to no relevance to Resident Evil. So, with trepidation, I went to look Biohazard: The level (the collectionidentify right here in Japan)whilst it opened for a constrained one-week run right earlier than Halloween. turned into I going to be bored to tears? notwithstanding an unnecessarily stylish Tyrant and a excessive lack of blood, i used to be hooked for all two-and-a-half of hours of it. And that even included a pop-dance interlude.

Resident Evil The level

Biohazard’s plot takes place someplace between the occasions of Resident Evil five and six. in case you‘ve played the games, you could consider Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans. they are all here amidst enough assisting characters to preserve the tale‘s momentum. i am no longer positiveif it is canon or now not, but nothing occurs on this Biohazard a good way to have an impact on destinyreleases inside the Resident Evil universe. A sudden (and seemingly unexpected) bioterrorism incident (read: zombie outbreak) happens in an Australian university wherein Chambers (of route) is now a trainer.thankfully, Redfield and his anti-bioterror unit are already on their way there due to rumors of a personexperimenting with leftover Tyrant virus. And sure, it’s the loopy man within the lab coat who additionallyoccurs to have taken an unhealthy hobby in one of the college‘s maximum talented — and most unearthlystudents.

there is a excessive loss of fake blood. And for some thing it is part of the Resident Evil universe, i used to be hoping for jugular spray antics.
There are little nods to the sport collection throughout the play: Scene changes are frequently observedwith those loading screen doors from early Resident Evil games. Herbs can magically heal broken legs and people are almost continuously reminded to shoot zombies inside the head. once the basic define of the the story is set up (and simplest zombies had been shot), the tune all at once cranks up and we’rereintroduced to all the protagonists, antagonists and the restmost of whom emerge as as zombie food.

more or less twenty mins in and the compulsory love hobbies, comedic foil and tortured college chancellor — who’s played by means of no much less than japanese film legend Sonny Chiba of Kill invoice repute — are all introduced. yet, it’s at this early point that the audience is likewise unexpectedly reintroduced tothe main gamers. snap shots are beamed to the back of the theater and their names boom out from theaudio system. Then, every one marches oddly onto the level, takes their area in a spotlight and offers thetarget audience their pleasant dynamic action pose. it’s a credit collection, but one it’s completely out ofarea. And as hastily as it begins, it finishes and we are lower back to the play.

The cringiest elements of Biohazard are when the production tries to stray too some distance from the confines of a stage play. for instance, when the 2 special marketers are ‘riding‘ in a digitally-overlayed jeep. Or, the very last monster it really is to date mutated it’s impossible to visualize it with out projected-CGI. there is additionally a intense lack of faux blood. And for some thing this is part of the Resident Evil universe, i used to be hoping for a few jugular spray antics.

it is secure to anticipate that something as movement-packed and gory as Resident Evil is not going to lend itself so without difficulty to theater. And that makes for an awkward translation. case in point: After the intermission, matters pass darkish. The audience hears a canine‘s barking, zombies groaning and the sound of the latter eating the former. Then, the play completely breaks the on-area surroundings by using erupting right into a hightempo, electronica pop dance smash. The ultimate heroes (“good-looking Lead”, Redfield, Chambers, Nivans and “attractive woman Agent”) hearth their way through a room of zombies, timing the ones photographs flawlessly to the song. but, by this factor, I failed tothoughts these remote leaps from the Resident Evil series I knew; my cynicism had faded away. what’sgreater, the electronica zombie shoot-out still wasn’t the most ridiculous part: there may be a scene in which Chiba cradles a rubbery, severed arm and weeps. that’s the silliest component.

ultimately, all of it came together more true to the video games than the movie diversifications,however it is also much, much lower at the spectacle, explosions and demise remember. Biohazardnonetheless manages to wrap itself up within the most Resident Evil of approaches: a rocket launcherdisagreement with a heavily mutated monster. it’s unlucky that the finale involves projected-CGI, but then a stay level play has its limits. Biohazard: The level feels faithful to the collection. And, regardless of my misgivings, I got to see a play primarily based on a sport it really is approximately surviving a zombie infestation — it truly is quite special.

Oculus Rift May Offer Better High-End Quality Than PS VR, Admits Sony Executive

Oculus Rift May Offer Better High-End Quality Than PS VR, Admits Sony Executive

After years of hype and development, high-end virtual reality (VR) headsets will make their way to consumers starting with the Oculus Rift this month, in 20 countries around the world. Sony’s PlayStation VR (PS VR) is one of its biggest competitors, and Sony Computer Entertainment vice president Masayasu Ito pointed out this week why he thinks its creation will be more popular.

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“If you just talk about the high-end quality, yes, I would admit that Oculus may have better VR,” Ito toldvideo gaming website Polygon. “However, it requires a very expensive and very fast PC. The biggest advantage for Sony is our headset works with [PlayStation 4]. It’s more for everyday use, so it has to be easy to use and it has to be affordable. This is not for the person who uses a high-end PC. It’s for the mass market.”

The Oculus Rift and even the HTC Vive do indeed boast of more impressive specifications; the screen resolution is higher and so is the field of view. Ito said they looked towards their regrets with the problems faced by PlayStation 3 and the immense success of the PS4 to decide on a strategy for PS VR, which would allow it to be accessible to the widest audience possible.

Sony has yet to comment on an official price for the headset and the accompanying box, but reports do put it slightly below the $599 (approx. Rs. 40,000) price of the Rift and significantly less than the HTC Vive at $799 (approx. Rs. 54,900). Both of those need an accompanying PC in the range of Rs. 60,000 while PSVR will only work with the PS4, which retails around Rs. 30,000.

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That does entail less of an investment if you’re looking to get into VR with first-gen devices, but you’ll have to wait till the end of the year to experience one yourself.

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