What’s the Inspiration for a Game Where You Can Play as a Piece of Poop? “I Like Objects More Than Human Beings”

‘Wattam’ creator and director Keita Takahashi explains that video games are not necessarily a passion or a part of his everyday life, but he “has many contradictions” in his mind. From developer Funomena and publisher Annapurna Interactive, Wattam is a whimsical adventure featuring a host of worldly inhabitants that frolic, hold each other’s hands, dance and solve […]

For a few human beings, The Older The cellphone, The better

big apple: among splashy launches, lavish new-telephone offers (get a loose HDTV on activation!) andfrequent software updates that slow down your antique handset, it on occasion feels like the wholegeneration industry is pushing you to buy the modern-day phone. but a few holdouts resist. Take Zak Sommerfield, 35, a software program analyst in new york, […]