How To Balance An Online Business While Traveling Full-Time

t’s been two years since I left my corporate life to travel full-time and build my online coaching business. Back then, seeing the world while working remotely seemed like a faraway dream. Now, I can confirm that it’s completely possible for those who want it badly enough. While this nomadic lifestyle can be challenging, so was going through a long […]

11 Work-Life Balance Myths You Can Finally Put to Rest

When it comes to work-life balance, everyone seems to have a different strategy and opinion. While working as an entrepreneur is undoubtedly stressful, not everyone should follow the same model for success. That’s why we asked 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question: “What work-life balance myth should entrepreneurs finally put to […]

Millennials Want Work-Life Balance, Even if it Means Relocation

Everyone talks about work-life balance, but will Millennials be the ones to really make it happen? A new EY study finds that Millennials – particularly Millennial parents – are so serious about finding work-life balance, they’re willing to relocate if it means finding a job that offers it. Millennials are an influential generation, perhaps as influential in […]