B2B Deals During Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Abound

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The holiday shopping season is an opportunity for individuals to save on the products they need most. But it can be a great opportunity for small businesses to save as well.

To make the most of the season, it can be beneficial to look into the sales and discounts that other businesses are offering on days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Below is a list of B2B deals that could benefit your business.

We’ll be adding to the list throughout the week leading up to these sales as well. So be sure to check back for even more offers.

Black Friday

Dell Offers Early Deals on Electronics

Starting November 25, which is the day before Thanksgiving, Dell will offer deals on a variety of electronics. Though the company hasn’t released full details yet, the sales are likely to include popular devices like laptops, desktops and tablets. Dell also offers email updates if you’d like to be alerted of new deals.

Amazon Counting Down to Black Friday with Even More Deals

If you don’t want to wait even another day for Black Friday deals, Amazon is offering them now. It might not be to the calibur of the ecommerce giant’s actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which will reportedly include discounts on its Fire tablet line and plenty of other electronics. But each day Amazon is offering new discounts on various items, including plenty of electronics and office supplies.

Get Discounted Custom Printed Merchandise from Vistaprint

If you need custom printed items like holiday cards, postcards or even apparel, Vistaprint has options. The site is offering deals on a variety of customizable goods as part of its Black Friday promotion.

Microsoft Marks Down Plenty of Tech Gadgets and Accessories

Microsoft offers Black Friday deals each year on many of its top products. Sales that might appeal to business customers include those on PCs, tablets, smartphones, and even 3D printers and drones.

Office Depot Offers Savings In Stores and Online

As part of its annual Black Friday promotions, the office supply chain is offering discounts of up to 70 percent off select items beginning at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day. The store is also offering Cyber Monday deals online.

Newegg Leaks its Black Friday Deals Early

Computer hardware and software provider Newegg is offering Black Friday discounts on various computer parts, accessories and other devices throughout the month of November. Smartphones, tablets, computers, components, printers and software are all included in the sales, some of which are already available.

Walmart Syncs Its In-Store and Online Deals

This year, Walmart is offering comparable deals in both its retail store locations and its website. It’s also ditching doorbuster deals in favor of sales that span the entirety of Black Friday, as well as store hours on Thanksgiving Day. Some of the business centric deals include discounts on tablets, smartphones and computers.

Staples Offers Discounted iPads and More

This retailer is refraining from opening its doors on Thanksgiving Day. But the Black Friday shoppers will be welcomed starting at 6 a.m. the next day. The store’s website still doesn’t list specifics. But early reports indicate that Staples will offer significant discounts on products like the iPad Air and various PC and laptop devices.

Best Buy’s Flash Sales Lead Up to Thanksgiving

The popular electronics and entertainment retailer is up to its usual tricks with in-store deals on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day. But it’s also offering online-only sales leading up to and including Black Friday. Currently, the website is hosting flash sales of select items including things like printers and laptops.

Small Business Saturday

American Express Offers Free Promotional Downloads

If you’re planning on having any Small Business Saturday sales or events in your local business, you may want to check out the free resources offered by American Express. The company has created event guides and various other marketing materials that you can download and use to promote and plan your event. The company also has various Shop Small merchandise available for purchase.

Cyber Monday

Bluehost Offers Discounts on Web Hosting

The popular Web hosting provider is again offering discounts on its services to customers who sign up for plans or purchase add-ons over Thanksgiving weekend. With discounts from 50-80% off, some of the best deals on hosting are offered on Cyber Monday.

Get Up to 50 Percent Off with HP

Whether you’re looking for laptops, desktops or printers, HP is offering huge discounts on products all day Cyber Monday. You can save up to 50 percent through the entire store.

Lands’ End Business Outfitters

The popular clothing brand offers an online shop for businesses, where you can add your company’s logo to various items and even order in bulk. The online store is currently offering 30 percent off deals until November 20. But the company has also announced a 50 percent off sale on select items for Cyber Monday.

Other B2B Holiday Deals

Get Free Holiday Marketing Tips from MailChimp and More

Aside from the tangible goods that you need to run a business, there are plenty of digital and information resources that can also be helpful. This year, MailChimp, Facebook, Google, Shopify, Twitter, and Woo have teamed up to offer some exclusive holiday marketing tips for business subscribers. The promotion may even include a free gift.

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12 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

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Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn’s communication features aren’t only beneficial for small businesses with a specific client base. B2B companies can use them to their advantage as well. That’s why we asked 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

“What B2B social media tips can companies use to communicate with potential customers?”

Here are some YEC community members’ B2B social media tips:

1. Create Valuable Content

“Most social networks allow you to tag other accounts. Create content that is valuable to a prospect and tag them. This is a great way to show them that you exist. This technique is most effective if you can show off your company’s skills and what you can do for your prospect with the content you share.” ~ Andrew Namminga, Andesign

2. Provide Them With the Value They Need

“As a B2B, there are a variety of ways to communicate and appeal to current and potential customers. Unlike B2C, your social media may not be full of viral posts, but it is still important to “humanize your brand” and offer a personal, creative appeal. Create content such as e-books, videos and articles that are full of valuable information specific to the needs of your target audience.” ~ David Tomas, Cyberclick

3. Focus on Brand Identity

“It’s easy to see why humorous, inspirational or amazing content drives engagement. Social media at its best focuses on what we care about most deeply. This is true for B2B companies and each of us personally. This doesn’t limit a company from focusing on sales or conversion but provides a lens to present the content in a way that’s meaningful to customers and prospects.” ~ Curtis Thornhill, Apt Marketing Solutions

4. Show Expertise

“When potential customers are seeking a partner, they want an expert. And often, they look long before they decide to purchase. Creating consistent, relevant content that illustrates your expertise, approach, culture and core values will help keep you top of mind whenever potential customers are ready to make a decision. When they research options, they will find your company.” ~ Angela Harless, AcrobatAnt

5. Use Different Mediums

“Using social media, you can utilize great graphics/visualizations, videos, and blog posts to show your customer your platform (or solution). Share content on how your product can create value for them, solve a need, or save money, time or other resources. Keep a pipeline of interesting content and examples of your solutions for potential customers intrigued about your service.” ~ Nemoy Rau, US Biometrix

6. Network and Broadcast Company News

“Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Social media can help you create a strong network of influencers and top organizations to position yourself as an expert and influencer in your industry. You can also broadcast exciting company news, participate in industry/charity events, and write articles or blog posts that provide potential customers insight into why they should want to work with your company.” ~ Andrew Kucheriavy, Intechnic

7. Listen Across Social Networks

“With the myriad of social monitoring tools available, B2B companies can listen and monitor to conversations online. Using tools such as Mention or Brandwatch, youcan find potential customers talking about your competitor or even asking questions about a particular problem that your product or service solves. You canengage them directly. They’ve already started the conversation.” ~Jon Tsourakis, Revital Agency, LLC

8. Humanize and Relate Breaking News to your Brand

B2B companies should create and share content that humanizes their brand onsocial media. It is most effective if the content tells a story that supports your brand and shares something about the company values/mission. Figure out a way to make breaking news relate to your brand and then create media that supports the message. The news grows quickly on social media and can spotlight your brand.” ~ Peter Boyd, PaperStreet Web Design

9. Identify What Connects You

“Skill set and reputation matter. But people do business with folks they like and with whom they have some shared interests. That said, identify your targets and find similarities. Do they share photos of team building? Chime in and share a few of yours. If you were networking in person, you’d look to identify what you have in common. Social media is no different.” ~ Megan Smith, Brownstone PR

10. Create Trust

“Ever research a restaurant or business’s Facebook page to see how active they are as a way to determine the quality of their product/service? This is a very common research step these days that many businesses fail to comprehend. Having socialmedia pages isn’t enough. They must be used as a platform for building trust and backing up your UVP — or the potential customer will move on.” ~ Wesley Mathews, High Level Marketing

11. Use Surveys to Reach Out

“Since social media is designed around sharing opinions. It’s a good idea to leverage this intent through the use of surveys to reach out and communicate with new customers. Not only do you get the benefit of collecting intelligence on what potential customers really want, but you also have a list of names and contact information to share evidence that you can fuflill their desires.” ~ Murray Newlands, Due.com

12. Have Real Conversations

“Too often, we forget that social media is, at it’s core, just another tool for conversation. Rather than spending all of your time “broadcasting” your thought leadership and ideas, invest in starting one-on-one conversations with people you want to get to know. Setting up private Twitter lists based on account names or keywords and then sending personal messages is a great place to start.” ~ Alyssa Conrardy, Prosper Strategies.