Street Artist Creates Multi-Layered Typography Puzzles With Hidden Messages

British street artist Peter Preffington aka Pref plays with perception through his multi-layered, 3D graffiti. Using a range of modern and traditional typefaces, he visualizes popular sayings and expressions in his distinct overlapping style. While these typography murals might seem difficult to decipher at first, it’s this unique style that helps draw the viewer in. Having started his street art career more […]

Artist Transforms Stranger Things Episodes Into Pulp Novels And Atari Games

Image Cache: Stranger Things is one of those shows that resonates in a very specific way for people who grew up in the 1980s. Much like NBC’s short-lived series Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things delicately recreates the time period, going beyond nostalgia to something that feels authentic and familiar. One artist has captured that with his own series, taking the […]

Dubai typography artist Lara Assouad quick-indexed for Jameel Prize

Dubai-based artist Lara Assouad has been brief–listed for the Jameel Prize, an worldwide award forcutting-edge artwork and layout stimulated with the aid of Islamic tradition. we are counting all the way down to the statement of the #JameelPrize4 winner! Meet shortlisted artist @letrainvapartir. — V&A (@V_and_A) may additionally 23, 2016 Assouad is nominated for […]