Anand Mahindra and art of right-brain business

M&M executive chairman Anand Mahindra has announced that he will become the non-executive chairman of the company effective April 1, 2020. (Photo: Reuters) Anand Mahindra studied filmmaking and architecture before doing a post-graduation in business, and is the rare ‘right-brain’ industrial tycoon who carries his sense of aesthetics and the arts with élan. And these […]

Making space for art and inspiration

Modus Operandi II; In-situ: An Artist’s Studio will be open to viewing till August 17.(Chemould Prescott Road) From a distance, the corner of the gallery that artist Mithu Sen has claimed as her own seems inviting. There’s a strip of pink running from ceiling to floor. A lamp hangs low, throwing light on a simple […]

Rotating LEDs reveal the moon as art subject and inspiration

The moon has always been there for us, providing illumination and marking time while inspiring mankind in art, science and space exploration. Taipei-based studio Whyixd is presenting a new way of looking at it with an installation called #define Moon _. It consists of nine rotating LED installations that emulate the full, waxing, waning and seasonal phases […]

Cranbrook grad scholar reveals cultural clues in art of typography

Kelsey Elder of Minnesota, a graduate student at Cranbrook Academy of art, became stimulated by usingthe typography of signs along Woodward road. photo by Joseph Szczesny by means of Joseph Szczesny, For digital First Media posted: 04/28/16, 6:05 PM EDT | updated: four WEEKS ago 0 feedback Kelsey Elder prepares for the 2016 Graduate degree […]


ZOE JELLICOEAPRIL 6, 2016 Wednesday, 6 April – Ran,17:25, €9, IFI Kurosawa’s interpretation of King Lear was ten years in the making, meticulously devised over a series of painted storyboards that were published with the screenplay. He combined Shakespeare with legends of daimyō Mōri Motonari, and filmed almost entirely in long shots on the slopes of Japan’s […]

Garden Art Can Bring Drama and Design to Outdoor Spaces

If you came across any of Barbara Sanderson’s work in a garden, you might think you’d stepped into Alice’s Wonderland. The Seattle-based glass blower crafts flowers, arbors, lights and fountains for natural settings, aiming to create a magical, otherworldly tableau. “I love to add another dimension to what already exists,” she says. Art created for […]