Five to Try: Google’s VR Expeditions goes solo, and the Nintendo Switch Online app arrives

Got big plans for the weekend? If not, try strapping into Google’s Expeditions app. Thanks to a new update, now you can explore many of the world’s most dazzling sights on your own in VR, instead of needing another nearby user to act as the leader. It’s one of this week’s big Play Store picks, […]

Sony Xperia X Performance Phone Arrives, But Could Businesses Do Better?

Some of the more reputable publications out there say “no”: For example, Mashable said “High price doesn’t match overall experience, not worth committing to.” While The Verge wrote, “An unreasonable price for a reasonable smartphone.”   And Engaget chimed in calling it: “$700 worth of disappointment.” You get the idea. But just because experts agree the phone isn’t worth the price […]