AMD and Qualcomm Announce Partnership to Power Always Connected PCs

HIGHLIGHTS Your next laptop could have a Ryzen Mobile processor and Snapdragon modem It could result in multiplayer gaming on the go for many Despite this announcement, no actual products were revealed AMD and Qualcomm announced today that they would be working together to power always connected PCs. This could see laptops featuring AMD’s Ryzen Mobile processors shipping with Snapdragon […]

Echogear Outlet Shelf review: A brilliant, if not always practical, shelving idea

should be “For everything there are two purposes.” The company’s Outlet Shelf is a working example. Why should an electrical outlet just supply electricity? Why not wrap a shelf around it to hold the thing you’re supplying electricity to? It’s a genius idea, even if it’s not quite as practical as the company’s photographs make it look. I say […]

Why future: rise of Iron isn’t always to be had for PS3 or Xbox 360

HIGHLIGHTS “an overwhelming majority” plays destiny on PS4/Xbox One. Bungie could have needed to take away content material to suit rise of Iron. the brand new growth releases September 20. As we now recognize, destiny‘s first large growth in a year – rise of Iron – may not be releasing on psthree or Xbox 360. […]