Airbus to build Satellites for OneWeb to Beam internet From area

humans are silhouetted past a emblem of the Airbus institution at some stage in the Airbus annual newsconvention in Colomiers, close to Toulouse January 13, 2015.(REUTERS) CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA: Europe’s Airbus organization will layout and build approximately 900 satellites for privately owned OneWeb Ltd, which plans to provide high–velocity, area–primarily based netaccess to billions of […]

India will need 1,600 new aircraft: Airbus

Soaring: Airbus officials Srinivasan Dwarakanath (left) and Joost Van Der Heijden pose with the A-380 – Photo: MOHAMMED YOUSUF Ads by Google Ramco HR Solution – Comprehensive HR Solution With Hire-Retire Features. Learn More! Set to become third largest aviation market HYDERABAD, MARCH 17:   Airbus today predicted that India will require about 1,600 new […]