AMD Promises New Driver to Address Radeon RX 480 PCIe Power Draw Issue

AMD Promises New Driver to Address Radeon RX 480 PCIe Power Draw Issue


  • Early reviews reported power draw spikes beyond the rated 150W
  • AMD promised to investigate and release a statement on July 5
  • New drivers will allow users to impose a cap on power draw

Following complaints from early reviewers that new Radeon RX 480 graphics cards were pulling too much power from the PCIe slots of the motherboards they’re plugged into, AMD has released a statement promising a new driver update which will limit PCIe power draw.

Some reviewers who were able to test reference Radeon RX 480 cards from AMD prior to the launch date noted that while the company claimed a total power draw of 150W, actual usage showed spikes well beyond that while running heavy loads. Tom’s Hardware and PC Perspective observed that their samples were pulling up to 168W, potentially putting undue stress on the motherboard’s power distribution capabilities.

AMD responded to the criticism through Reddit and in an official statement, saying that the Radeon RX 480 had passed PCIe standards compliance testing and this was an issue that seemed to affect “some cards worldwide” in “select scenarios where the tuning of some RX 480 boards was not optimal”. Further questions arose on forums across the Internet as the problem seemed inherent to the design of these cards. The company also said it was looking at its drivers and would release an updated statement on July 5.


Now, shortly before midnight in the USA, AMD confirmed that it will release a new driver within two days, which will address power distribution and lower the current draw from the PCIe slot. The company did not specify whether this will impact performance and involve a BIOS flash, which is most likely. This update, which will be released as Catalyst 16.7.1, is the result of a worldwide team working through the weekend since the issue first came to light.

AMD says it is confident that the reported power draw levels do not pose any risk of damage to motherboards or other PC components, but for those who do have concerns, there will also be a new option that users can select to impose a “compatibility” power draw cap on their cards. This will have “minimal performance impact”. However, as with all new driver releases, this one will incorporate tweaks that improve performance in some games by up to 3 percent which should “substantially offset the performance impact for users who choose to activate the ‘compatibility’ toggle”.

Reviewers reported that there was no instability, but test environments are not necessarily indicative of real-world conditions. While most high-end motherboards can handle spikes of this nature, not all will be able to, and longer-term effects are unknown. Overclocking and using a second card in CrossFire mode would only add to the stress on the motherboard.

AMD has outfitted reference cards with only a single 6-pin PCIe power connector, limiting the amount of power the card can draw beyond the 75W permissible through a PCIe slot. A single 8-pin connector or a second 6-pin connector would have alleviated this problem, but AMD seems to have wanted to boast about low power consumption, choosing to forego that overhead. Third-party manufacturers including Sapphire, Asus and MSI will most likely beef up the power inputs on their custom-designed cards.

The Radeon RX 480 was launched in India on June 29 but controversy over the unusually high Indian pricing soon erupted. The company later backtracked, reducing prices by Rs. 2,000 and confirming that all import and distribution overheads were accounted for within that price. AMD is expected to launch its lower-end Radeon RX 470 and Radeon RX 460 within the next few weeks or months.  Stay tuned for our own review of the AMD Radeon RX 480, coming up soon.

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Microsoft facilitates address unfold of Mosquito-Borne sicknesses

Microsoft Helps Tackle Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases

technology large Microsoft currently released a prototype trap for detecting mosquito-borne ailments like dengue and Zika, says a record.

The prototype lure is being developed as part of the Microsoft’s task Premonition – a novel autonomousdevice for monitoring, detecting and stopping rising infectious disorder outbreaks and marks theorganisation‘s largest innovation in lure technologies.

The trap consists of a customconstructed mosquito trap that permits entomologists collect quicker andmore green information to do their observation and prevention paintings, stated an reliable assertion.

Designed handiest to gather facts at the form of mosquito that an entomologist desires to tune, the trapadditionally presents insights at the time, temperature, wind and humidity, whilst the mosquito flew into thelure.

It additionally employs devicegetting to know algorithms that help scientists differentiate among the mosquitoes they need to entice and the insects they don’t.

The entice capabilities on two small, battery-powered microprocessors, which gathers records which canthen be wirelessly downloaded and despatched to the cloud, the declaration said.

Mosquitoes are infecting over three hundred million people every year with existence threateningdiseases, consistent with a world health corporation file.

The traps, which can be in the pilot section, are being examined in realworld environments, supportingnearby public health officers and continually sending facts returned to Microsoft researchers and collaborators to further refine the machine, the declaration cited.

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WWDC 2016: Highlights From Apple’s Keynote address

Jun 14, 2016
00:32 (IST)
thanks every body for following this stay weblog. we are hoping you loved it as a great deal as we did.goodbye.
00:32 (IST)
And that is that. cook simply concluded the occasion.
00:31 (IST)
prepare dinner just known as iOS 10 a colossal launch. The mother of all releases, he stated.
00:30 (IST)
cook is again on level. he is summarising all of today’s bulletins. we are close to the quit of the keynotehere.
00:29 (IST)
The video showed human beings from internationally constructing apps.
00:27 (IST)
the point of interest is on highlighting that coding is straightforward and handy.
00:27 (IST)
they are displaying a video approximately how people began coding.
00:26 (IST)
speedy Playgrounds developer preview is freeing nowadays, public beta in July and the final release is scheduled for fall. it’s a loose app.
00:23 (IST)
Apple has constructed a totally new coding keyboard for iPad. It has numbers and symbols utilized inspeedy programming.
00:22 (IST)
The app makes the programming language inviting for children who are gaining knowledge of to code.
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Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote begins at 10.30 pm IST on Monday, June thirteen. The corporation isexpected to announce several large updates to its software at the occasion. in case you can’t watch thestay stream, our stay weblog above is all you want for to-the-2d updates.

the largest announcements are possibly to be related to iOS 10, the upcoming model of Apple’soperating machine for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The pix app is likely to get improvements and wemay also see some layout changes.

the opposite most important statement may be related to Siri. Apple could allow thirdparty apps tocombine Siri into their structures. this may assist you to ask Siri to ship messages through WhatsApp,among other matters. Siri can also arrive on OS X, making it available through Macs.

in case you use Apple song, you is probably thrilled to know that Apple is in all likelihood to announcesome type of a revamp. whether or not it’ll improve the feared iTunes app stays to be visible. The socialcommunity within Apple songconnectshould get less prominence too.

OS X’s name may be modified to macOS, which could allign it with how other Apple operating systemsare spelled – iOS, tvOS, and watchOS being a few examples.

The very last massive rumour is that iMessage could come to Android. If that takes place, then it is able to be precise news for people who‘d like to use Apple’s services on different structures.

at the hardware the front, rumours trace that a new version of Apple Watch could be announced along side an upgraded Thunderbolt display. As usually you could observe the stay blog to look preciselywhat Apple pronounces, as quickly because it‘s introduced.

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