GoPro HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session Provide Action Video for Outdoor, Other Businesses

GoPro HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session Provide Action Video for Outdoor, Other Businesses

The internet, mobile technology, video and social media have merged together to give businesses and consumers a platform to share, connect and market with rich media. What GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) has tried to do with the new HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session cameras is simplify the process of capturing,sharing, storing and editing video so much, it becomes effortless.

GoPro is well known for capturing extreme sports and action sequences by professionals and amateurs alike. So the company has a customer base that greatly relies on its cameras. But going beyond this base required GoPro to add new features so anyone can pick up the new cameras and start recording 4K videos with greater ease than its previous versions.

The new HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session are cheaper and more powerful, with features the company says you can use out of the box to capture video and still images.

GoPro HERO 5 Black

The HERO 5 Black has a 2-inch touch display to simplify the controls of the camera, but it all begins with a one-button control to power on the camera to start recording automatically. Once it is on, you can capture videos with resolutions up to 4K at 30 frames per second and professional still images of 12 MP with enhanced low-light performance on RAW and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) formats.

Voice control has been added to further simplify the use of different functions. The camera has 10 commands in seven different languages, just in case you happen to be hurling down a slope and your hands are busy. So whether you speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese (with more languages on the way), voice control should understand you.

And if you happen to be, say, jumping out of an airplane, the new professional-grade electronic video stabilization feature will keep all of your images steady. And when it comes to audio, the stereo audio recording has an advanced wind noise reduction feature to better capture what you are saying — or screaming.

GoPro HERO 5 Session

The HERO 5 Session is a smaller version of the Black, but it pretty much keeps most of the features, including 4K video capture, image stabilization, enhanced low-light performance, WiFi and Bluetooth, waterproofing and voice control.

What you won’t find on the Session are the touch screen, GPS and RAW or WDR capture modes. Additionally, the still image capture is 10MP instead of the 12MP of the Black.

HERO Session

This is the cheapest version of the new line, however it still has some impressive features at this price. They include waterproofing, WiFi and Bluetooth, one-button control, and advanced noise and wind reduction.

The video and still capture are still high definition, with 1440P30/1080P60 for video and 8MP/10 fps burst time lapse for still images.

GoPro Plus

GoPro was and is still great at capturing video, but the company didn’t have the right set of apps to edit the millions of hours its customers were recording on its cameras. To overcome this problem, GoPro purchased two editing apps in February of this year: Splice and Replay, which the company has renamed Quik. With the new services users can now edit long videos into two minute highlight reels.

Quik, as the name implies, has been designed to quickly let you edit your videos by cutting off the boring footage and keeping the exciting stuff so you can post it on your social media site and share it with the world.  Splice, on the other hand, has more features, so, if you want more control, this is the app for you. Both apps are available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for your desktop.

GoPro Plus is a subscription service that is available for $4.99 per month, which includes an auto upload feature when you are charging your HERO cameras from your computer. The editing capability is available through the cloud on your smartphone, so you can quickly edit your videos no matter where you are.

The subscription plan also has a soundtrack library, premium support, among other features and accessories.

Small Businesses and GoPro

Video has become the preferred way of communicating for a growing number of online consumers.

If you own a small business running an outdoor/adventure company offering hiking, mountain climbing, hand gliding, whitewater rafting, camping, motocross, racing or other activities, you can now capture the experiences your customers are having — or can expect — with greater ease, better images and sound.

You can also use the cameras to interact with your customers by creating product tours, webinars, hands on lessons, and more.

With the new added features on the HERO 5 Black, HERO 5 Session, and HERO Session, there really is no limitation on how you can capture and share video.

The HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session will be available beginning October 2, but there is no date for the HERO Session on the company site.


Playing Action Video Games May Boost Driving Skills: Study

Playing Action Video Games May Boost Driving Skills: Study

Playing action-based video games may boost the players’ ability to coordinate visual information with their motor control – a skill critical to many real-world behaviours including driving, says new research.

The findings showed that playing some types of video games can confer benefits for specific visual abilities such as sensitivity to contrast and visuo-spatial attention.

“The research shows that playing easily accessible action video games can be a cost-effective tool to help people improve essential visuomotor-control skills used for driving,” said lead researcher Li Li, Associate Professor at New York University in Shanghai, China.

Experienced action gamers showed much greater precision in keeping to their lane and showed less deviation from centre in the face of increasing headwinds, when compared to the participants with little to no action video game experience.

To establish a causal link between action video games and visuomotor control skills, the team recruited participants who had no action video gaming experience to take part in a training study.

They then compared the visuomotor abilities of players who had played at least 5 hours per week over the previous 6 months to participants who had negligible action video game experience.

The participants were randomly assigned to either an action video game group or a control group, and they completed a total of 10 1-hour training sessions.

The data showed that playing “Mario Kart,” a fast-paced action video game, improved participants’ visuomotor control skills on the target dot task after five hours of training.

Those who played “Roller Coaster Tycoon”, a non-action strategy game, showed no such improvement over time.

For novice drivers, training with driving video games may be more helpful, the researchers suggested in the work published in the journal Psychological Science.

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angry Birds action! Brings indignant Birds to lifestyles

Angry Birds Action! Brings Angry Birds to Life

one of the earliest poster youngsters for mainstream mobile gaming achievement, angry Birds has come acomplete circle. From a being a smartphone sport to a movie, there’s now a recreation to have a good time the film‘s release. it’s available on Android and iOS proper now. And not like Sony’s Ratchet & Clank reimagining on the PS4, it utilises augmented reality (AR) to a huge degree.

Dubbed as irritated Birds movement!, Rovio has partnered with AR firm Zappar to deliver the titularindignant Birds to life. the use of Zappar’s zap code tech, fans can scan codes to unlock characters, AR mini-games, photographfeatures and an entire lot more in the way of interactive reviews.

believe if ordinary gadgets could liberate a laugh and special content whilst scanned with a mobiletool. With irritated Birds we’ve accomplished just that– operating closely in partnership with Rovio we’ve got been able to deliver a hidden world of stackable stories and in-game electricityunited states of americathrough BirdCodes on taking part products and promotions to wonder and pleasure users,”stated Caspar Thykier, Co-founder and CEO of Zappar. “that is the largest and most simply incorporatedaugmented reality undertaking so far, with BirdCodes performing on apparel, toys, cups, POS, or evensweet dispensers the world over. together with Rovio, we have set a brand new bar to bring AR to the mass market in a significant and rewarding way,” Thykier introduced.

“With the help of Zappar and our different partners we’ve got put the irritated Birds characters and storyon the centre of a really 360-degree experience this summer, bringing the story global to existence in a new manner each for our closely engaged fan base and rookies alike,” stated Miika Tams, vice presidentvideo games at Rovio. “indignant Birds motion! is the cornerstone of our comprehensive digital movieprogram, which bridges virtual and physical leisure like by no means earlier than, and with extra than 1 billion BirdCodes to be observed out in the wild, at a scale in no way seen before either,” Tams said.

some of the places you can declare these BirdCodes includes McDonald’s and H&M. whilst it is doubtfulat this factor of time if this merchandising could make its manner to India as well, Zappar does claim it might take region in 50 markets throughout the globe.

while Rovio’s past few quarters have ended in a spate of layoffs, optimistically its tons-awaited movielaunch should stem the tide. angry Birds isn’t as famous because it was and without a big follow-up in sight, diversifying the brand across different media including movies looks like the clever way ahead.

down load the gadgets 360 app for Android and iOS to live updated with the brand new tech information, product critiques, and exceptional offers on the famous mobiles.

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Lights, camera, action! Netflix to make Bollywood movies, serials

  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Video-streaming company looking to produce local content to grab eyeballs

It’s not just cable TV companies that need to worry about the world’s largest video-streaming company Netflix entering India, but also production houses in Bollywood.

The US-based company, which has over 7.5 crore subscribers worldwide, wants to make inroads into the India market by going local in every possible way, and that includes producing Bollywood movies. “We hope to produce the best Bollywood movie that’s ever been produced. Today, I know that may seem impossible. But there was a time when we couldn’t even produce a US TV series, and now we have some of the best,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told BusinessLine.

Netflix began operations in India in January, but its offerings of local content, in Hindi and other Indian languages, have been weak. Hastings said that would soon change as the company looks to producing its own Indian series or even a movie.

“We are talking to multiple production houses who are willing to work with us for a Netflix original Indian series,” said Hastings, whose sister is married to an Indian. Last month, at the Sundance film festival, Hastings was so impressed with the low-budget Brahman Naman that he decided to buy the global rights for the movie, directed by Kolkata-based Quashiq Mukherjee and featureing Vijay Mallya’s son Siddharth.

Netflix’s localising strategy includes differential pricing of offerings.

Local pricing

“In India, we are trying to learn more about the market. We have differential pricing already in markets that we have localised in, such as Brazil. We don’t think of India as a localised content at the moment because we don’t have local billing, local languages, etc. But once we get there, we will have differential pricing for India,” Hastings said.

Netflix service starts at $8 a month in the US. In Brazil, it costs less than $5 a month. In India, Netflix comes at ₹500-800 a month, which is quite high compared to cable TV pricing.

In addition to the pricing disadvantage and the lack of local content, Netflix also faces competition from several leading networks such as Star India’s Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee Enterprises’ dittoTV and Eros International’s ErosNow.

These players have established digital platforms and are now creating exclusive content.

“I agree that our business is impacted when broadcasters and production houses start offering their own streaming service separately, but I think there is room for everybody,” Hastings said