50 Sure Fire Ways to Get People Fired Up and Motivated as Self-Starters at Work


A recent Gallup poll indicates that the percentage of U.S. employees who consider themselves “engaged” in their jobs averaged 31.5 percent, an historical low.

That means nearly 70 percent of American employees don’t consider themselves engaged at work.

Fired-up employees will perform their jobs more proactively. And you’ll realize benefits as well.

You will find that you can more easily delegate responsibility. That means you get to spend less time on the small, yet still important, stuff and focus on the big picture, such as kindling strategic growth.

Here are 50 surefire ways to spur employees get motivated, take the initiative and become a self starter at work.

Share Your Vision

You started your business with a vision that fired you up so much you expended enormous effort to get where you are today. Share that vision with your staff by telling your own “origin story.” (Be sincere.)


Aside from letting staffers get things off their chest, you have a great opportunity to put your finger on the pulse of your business and learn from your employees. You can learn invaluable things, including potentially innovative ideas to improve daily operations.

Express Appreciation

Sounds simple but this still addresses one of the greatest needs of people in general: the desire to feel appreciated. Some of your staffers will consider your appreciation as significant as — if not more significant than — more money.

Disrupt the Routine

If you want enthusiastic and productive people working for you, do all that you can to disrupt routine. Do whatever you can to make the work as interesting and engaging as possible. Don’t flick on autopilot.

Create Healthy Competition

In the office as on the sports field, people maximize their contribution when they know that exemplary performance will be rewarded. The trick is to make the reward system as transparent as possible to everyone.

Celebrate Success

Success doesn’t happen all at once. It’s often a string of continuous achievements. When you create a healthy competition for excellence, also be sure you celebrate every success when it happens.

Provide What is Needed

This can apply to small things, such as more sticky notes and yellow highlighters, or large ones, such as offering a formal training program. The easiest way to find out if your employees need anything is to simply ask them.

Show Respect

Awards are great but treating all the members of your team respectfully will help their overall performance as a group, too.

Never Micromanage

Leaders don’t lean over employees’ shoulders monitoring everything they do. Assuming you know how to hire people, you should trust them to do their jobs. Micromanaging is never helpful.

Lead by Example

Nothing is as contagious as the habits of a successful leader. But you must let your team see your successful habits in order for this contagion to work. Be a present leader who measures up to the same standard you’ve set for your team.

Be Amiable

Smile and let your employees know they can come to you with their problems and concerns — and maybe even a suggestion or two will float your way. Listening to their concerns will make them feel better too and will make them work harder and take more initiative.

Keep Your Word

By exhibiting the ability to follow through with everything you say, you will earn the respect of your team. This will increase their engagement. By contrast, imagine how engaged they will be if they don’t respect you.

Be Decisive

Remember Nike’s immortal advertising slogan when it’s decision time. Just do it. Procrastination only slows you down. Demonstrating an ability to be decisive can make a strong impression on your team and make them want to do the same.

Don’t Fear Emotion

Smile and crack a joke with folks around the water cooler. You’ll improve company morale and fire up employees in the process. As PsychCentral notes: “Even the most mundane task can be viewed with value when we are in a good mood.”

Push Limits

You will find you need to apply some pressure on occasion to prompt your team to perform beyond the usual. Otherwise, they will stagnate. Getting your team to that next level of being self-starters may take an extra push.

Be a Problem Solver

Recognize you don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to. This isn’t a sign of weakness but of strength. Recognize these moments as chances to exhibit your effectiveness as a problem-solver. It will start to rub off on your team making them good problem solvers, too, and freeing you from needing to make every decision.

Avoid Fear-Based Management

Great leaders are with their teams day in and day out, offering words of encouragement and teaching or helping to refine the various skills required to succeed. Don’t ever stand on the sidelines screaming at them if you want them to become self-starters at work.

Cultivate New Leaders

As your business expands, it will prompt the need for new leaders. Be ready to fill this need immediately by letting all your team members know they have the opportunity to grow with the company.

Encourage Personal Growth

As a small business leader, you must consider practical ways of encouraging this growth. Give team members copies of your favorite personal success book. Tell them about an upcoming business networking event and suggest they attend. Try to enhance their personal development outside the office as well.

Help Correct Mistakes

When one of your employees makes an honest mistake, take the time and effort to explain what he or she did wrong. Then give pointers on avoiding repeating the blunder.

Promote Accountability

Your employees will feel personally invested in your company’s success when they are held accountable for their actions. They will realize what needs to be accomplished and they will expend their time and effort accomplishing it.

Show Flexibility

People are unique. No two members of your team are the same. As a result, you must be flexible in terms of how you lead each person, as some will require more of your attention than others.

Get Employees More Involved

Encourage staffers to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty by getting more deeply involved in more facets of their work, including longer-term projects. If they feel they are a part of the organization’s future, they will be inspired to work independently, freeing more time for you.


Hold frequent brainstorming sessions and encourage your team to hold its own. This will help each team member creatively come up with innovative ideas for the company.


Tell your team members how their contributions add to the company’s advancement. “Employees are more inclined to step up their game when they know their work can add value to the healthier whole,” Forbes proclaims.

Be Socially Responsible

Your employees want to feel good about their work beyond just their salaries and your bottom line. Where possible, show them your company is a good citizen locally and of the world. Explore green options to make your business process more environmentally friendly. And always look for ways to provide more socially responsible products and services.

Stop Lecturing

Today’s frenetic business world is not a good place to opine on and on (and on). Avoid long winded explanations and cut to the chase. Unneeded complexity is draining.

Sustain Fresh Ideas

Each team member will feel empowered by simply having the ability to suggest new ideas as well as help bring them to life. Give people a chance to take this kind of initiative and task them with the follow-through. You may be amazed at the results.

Create a Good Environment

Research shows that your office environment is very important to your team members. You can easily drive motivation here by considering what you can do to transform your office space into a cool place, where people want to work, rest and have fun.

Build Team Spirit

Your company team can be likened to a family. Or it should be. Help bolster this attitude by organizing team activities during work but also after work.

Provide More Freedom

Having the ability to choose their projects, including how, when, and where they get the work done is becoming increasingly important to talented professionals across sectors and industries.

Pay Staffers Properly

When you are working at establishing employees’ salaries, make certain that the pay is consistent with what your competitors pay, as well as similar companies in your region of the country.

Set Priorities

Employees report that they often waste time at work because they don’t know which of the many projects they are working on has priority, for example. As a leader, it’s your job to help them prioritize. Work with your team members to set clear goals, including details about each project’s priority.

Make Meetings More Efficient

Meetings have the potential to waste too much time — time that could be better spent completing priority projects with approaching deadlines. Set the agenda for each meeting, start on time and end as soon as possible.

Don’t Be a Drill Sergeant

Ordering people around like you’re running an army is counterproductive in every conceivable way. Instead of fostering engagement, you’ll encourage people to update their resumes. Offer direction but leave room for employees to develop their own processes.

Deal With Dissatisfied Employees

Some employees simply can’t be motivated. And with your repeated attempts, you will reach the point of diminishing returns, spending too much time and energy that could be spent on something else. The Wall Street Journal suggests: “Ask how you can help improve their work experience. Offer to move them into another work area, a different department or even a different company.”

Kill Rumors

Rumors need to be nipped in the bud. Depending on the nature of the rumor, it could destroy morale and hurt productivity. That’s bad news while you’re trying to teach your team to take more initiative.  Obviously, time is of the essence when dealing with this type of situation.

Share Long-term Goals

Fill your team in on some of your long-term goals. This can have an effect similar to getting employees more involved with projects. It signals to them that they have a long-term role to play in the company’s future.  And it could alleviate anxiety allowing staffers to take a more proactive role in day-to-day operations — your ultimate goal.

Get Them Out of the Office

Sponsor a community service day. Such an event will allow employees to get out of the office to participate in something that can make them feel good about themselves. Churches and charities are always available to help you find such day projects. These activities can also teach employees how to be more proactive leaders, something they can bring back to your business too.

Keep Personal Worries to Yourself

Whatever is keeping you awake at night, keep it to yourself. If you exhibit trepidation in front of your team, it can stimulate their anxiety, which never helps.

Launch a ‘Mini-CEO’ Program

Inc. relates the story of how when an employee has a new idea, Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, a marketing software firm in Boston, sometimes will appoint that person as ‘CEO’ of a new in-house start-up. “We want to empower the edges of the organization, and we want to let the people who really understand our customers make decisions,” Halligan told Inc.

Give Ownership Stakes

Employee Stock Ownership Programs can be an attractive way to motivate your team, since the structure works by providing funds only from the company’s profits. This arrangement may promote more proactive behavior from employees because they benefit directly from the results.

Go Nuts (Once in a While)

Have a crazy hat or tie day in the office. Host a lunch-time dance party. Cut loose and do something crazy to break up the routine and lift spirits. It may also spark some creativity and improve your team’s work ethic. A little silliness is a small price to pay for employees that will take more of the load off you.

Give Handwritten Letters

Nothing says appreciation like a handwritten letter. Send these to team members who have exhibited the kind of proactive leadership you’d like to see from everyone at the company. The result may be more such leadership in the future from others who see the results.

Provide Nap Breaks

Depending on your comfort level with this one, napping may be a great motivator. Companies large and small have created nap rooms where employees can enjoy a restful 15-minute snooze.

Create Other Incentives

Incentives are well-known ways to motivate staff. They don’t necessarily require the expenditure of a lot of money. An extra paid day off, gift cards, or tickets to a movie are all excellent incentives for your staff, as is an occasional cash bonus.

Correct in Private

When you need to discuss a performance-related issue or correct a recent specific error, do so in private. Hold the conversation either in your office or the employee’s, with the door closed.

Praise Publicly

Companies celebrate Employee of the Month for the simple reason that people love praise. Make it a standard practice in your offices to recognize positive people by announcing publicly when someone has made a particularly dazzling achievement.

Ditch Managers

Try removing the project supervisor. Empower your staff to work together instead of having everyone report to one person. This can work wonders, as letting your team down is considered by many to be far worse than letting a supervisor down.

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50 Small Business Ideas for Computer Experts

50 Small Business Ideas for Computer Experts

If you have experience with computers and related technology, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful startup founder. There are so many potential small business opportunities out there for computer experts. So if you have the relevant experience, here are 50 potential small business ideas for tech entrepreneurs.

Startup Business Ideas for Computer Experts

Web Designer

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need websites. So if you’re experienced with design and the tech aspects of building a website, you can offer your services as a web designer and work with all different types of clients.

IT Consultant

You can also offer your services to different businesses by working as an IT consultant that they can go to for a variety of different tech related issues.

Tech Blogger

If you want to share your expertise with a wider audience, you can start your own blog and write about computers and other aspects of the tech industry.

App Developer

Mobile apps are becoming hugely popular. And many of the same aspects of web and software development can also be applied to the mobile world, though some of the tools vary. So you can build a business creating your own mobile apps or even working on them for outside clients.

Computer Repair Service Provider

50 Small Business Ideas for Computer Experts - Computer Repair Service Provider

Computers experience technical issues fairly regularly. So you can offer services as a computer repair business, either one that goes to your clients or one with a physical location where they can come to you.

Tech Support Call Center Operator

For simpler IT issues, you may even be able to offer your technical expertise over the phone. Start your own call center where people can phone in with their questions or issues and you can talk them through the solutions.

Software Developer

There are many opportunities for you to create and develop your own software programs to later sell and build a business around.

Software Programmer

If you want a smaller focus but still want to help create software programs, you can offer your services as a programmer to software firms and other companies that want to sell software programs.

Software Engineer

Engineers can also be an important part of the software building process. You can offer your services to look over programs, test any bugs and help companies come up with solutions to any issues that may arise.

Technical Writer

If you have some writing skills, you can build a business as a technical writer to help others understand certain tech products or services.

System Analyst

Systems analysts work with hardware and software programs to solve any potential problems with the technology. You can offer your services on a freelance basis to a variety of different firms.

Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who specialize in websites and web based applications. If you enjoy working on the back end of such programs, you can offer your services in this area.

Database Manager

50 Small Business Ideas for Computer Experts - Database Manager

Databases are important parts of many software programs and web applications. You can offer your services as a database manager to ensure that data is collected and handled properly.

Quality Assurance Professional

In many different areas of tech, quality is absolutely essential. So you can start a business offering quality assurance services to make sure that different programs and applications are up to company and industry standards.

UX Service Provider

You can also offer a specialty type of service where you test, or facilitate user testing, for websites, mobile apps or other tech programs to make sure the user experience is what the company actually expects.

Community Manager

For those websites and other tech programs that include community oriented features, you can offer your services as a community manager to update the service and keep the community engaged.

Game Developer

Online, mobile and social games are growing in popularity. So you can build a successful business by developing those games.

Social Network Founder

Social networks are also incredibly popular. While it may be difficult to break into that industry, there are plenty of niches where you can start social media sites or apps to get started.

SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is an important part of marketing for any online business. If you have computer experience, you likely understand a bit about how search engines work, and can offer consulting or related services to businesses that need help with SEO.

Computer Cleaning Service Owner

Computers do need to be cleaned from time to time. So you can start a business offering those cleaning services to people in your area.

Computer Setup Service Provider

You might also want to help people who have recently bought new devices and want help getting them set up. In that case, stating a computer setup service could be the way to go.

Computer Refurbisher

You can also start a business from taking old computers and parts and refurbishing them to make like-new devices that you can then sell.

Computer Training Service Provider

For those computer experts who enjoy teaching, you can start your own training program where you provide the essential knowledge to individuals or even other professionals who are interested in learning more about computers.

Tech Tutor

Or you could work in more of a one-on-one setting and offer your services to specific clients who need some computer help.

Computer Store Operator

50 Small Business Ideas for Computer Experts - Computer Store Operator

Of course, you can also open a local store that simply sells computers and other tech devices.

Computer Backup Service Provider

Customers like to have some security when it comes to saving their data and important files. In those cases, you can offer a service that specifically helps them back up their data.

Data Recovery Service Provider

Or for those customers who didn’t back up their data and then need help recovering it, you can offer data recovery services.

Domain Reseller

Anyone who wants to start a website needs a domain. And they need to purchase those domains from somewhere. If you purchase domains from providers, you can then sell them to interested parties later as part of a domain resale business.

Website Host

You can also provide hosting services to those website owners who need that type of function.

Web Content Provider

If you want to help people fill the actual content of their websites, blogs or other online spaces, you can offer services as a freelance content provider.

Online Marketing Consultant

You can also specialize in digital marketing and work with various online businesses to shore up their online marketing strategies.

Social Media Manager

Social media is a big part of digital marketing. If you’re familiar with the format, you can work with businesses as a professional who can manage and carry out their social media plans.

Desktop Publisher

There are also plenty of opportunities for you to use your skills in a variety of different computer programs to help companies create things like magazines, newsletters and reports.

Smartphone Repair Service Provider

If you’re skilled with repairs, you can start a specialty business where you offer repair services to people who have broken or malfunctioning smartphones.

Computer Manufacturer

You can also build your own computers to sell if you have extensive skills and the right equipment.

Computer Accessories Seller

There are also plenty of different computer accessories that you could make and sell separately.

Smartphone Accessory Manufacturer

Likewise, you can develop and sell your own line of accessories made for smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

WiFi Café Operator

If you want to start a local business where you may not work with computers directly, you can open a café that offers WiFi to customers who come in.

eBook Author

If you’re a skilled writer, you can put together a whole ebook about computer and other tech topics. You can even self-publish your work online.

Online Course Creator

If you think your expertise would fit better into a course, you can build an online course and sell it to customers on your website or other online platforms.

Tech Magazine Publisher

You can also set up your own magazine about technology and computers.

eNewsletter Publisher

Or you can focus more on sharing your message with an online audience through an email newsletter about computers and technology.


Podcasting is also becoming a really popular format within the tech community. You can start your own where you share your expertise.

YouTube Personality

In some cases, video may also be a beneficial format. You can share computer tutorials or even have a recurring show about technology.

Social Media Influencer

You also have the ability to influence people online via social media. If you build a significant following, you can work with brands to share their messaging to your followers.

Affiliate Marketer

If you have a blog, website, social accounts or any other online presence, you can build a business as an affiliate marketer where you partner with brands and earn a percentage of the sales that you send their way.

Ecommerce Seller

You can also use your tech knowledge to set up and run an ecommerce store. You can even sell computer related products if you so choose.

Tech Fair Founder

Fairs and events can be a great way for members of the tech community to get together to share ideas and products. So you can build a business around starting your own tech event.

Tech Rentals Provider

If you have computers and other devices at your disposal, you can potentially also build a business by renting out those devices to consumers who only need them for a short time.

3D Printer

3D printing is a growing sector of the tech industry where you can use computer files to generate and manufacture products from scratch. If you can work with those devices, you can potentially build a business selling 3D printing files or even the finished products.

Tablet Game, Computer Repair, Database, and Computer Store Photos via Shutterstock


$50 Amazon Phone Makes It Easy to Go Mobile — But With Lots of Ads and Clutter

50 Dollar Amazon Blu Smartphone Makes It Easy to Go Mobile -- But With Lots of Ads and Clutter

The number one seller in the unlocked cell phones category on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the $50 Blu R1 HD, which is sold out as of this posting.

This is an Amazon phone made by Blu, a US based company that offers the phone for $100, but with Amazon Prime you only pay half the price. For this subsidy, Amazon has tweaked the operating system to load the entire suite of Amazon apps. So if you don’t have a notification, you will see ads on your lock screen.

If you are a small business looking for a phone you can give to your entire staff, this may be an option. The ads don’t get in the way when the screen is active, because they only show up as notifications, just like any other message. As far as sending emails, texting and other communications, it has the necessary hardware to make it possible. This includes 3G/4G LTE bands to access the fastest networks and WiFi.

50 Dollar Amazon Blu Smartphone Specs

By now you are probably wondering, what can you possibly get for $50? The answer is enough to let you carry out many of the functions of premium phones, albeit at different levels.

  • Processor – 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek 6735 ARM Cortex processor,
  • Display – 5.0” HD 1280X720 with 294ppi,
  • Storage/Memory – 16GB with 2GB RAM and 8 with 1GB RAM, optional MicroSD with up to 64GB,
  • Camera – 8MP for the main camera and 5MP Front with LED Flash,
  • Battery – 2500 mAh,
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, Hotspot, Micro USB v2.0 and
  • Unlocked for AT&T and T-Mobile with dual-SIM slots.

As far as the body and design, the device has a curved display with Gorilla Glass 3 and a metal trim.

In short, this $50 smartphone by all accounts it more than delivers when it comes to the communications functions. So the only question about whether this could make a good inexpensive business phone is whether you find Amazon apps and ads too distracting.

Image: Blu


50 Small Business Ideas for People Who GET Social Media

50 Social Media Business Ideas for People Who GET Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for many different businesses. But for some, knowledge of social media is an absolutely integral part of running a business. If you really GET social media, here are some potential small business ideas you can use to build a business around your social media expertise.

Social Media Business Ideas

Social Media Consultant

50 Social Media Business Ideas - Social Media Consultant

Use your knowledge of social media to help other businesses. As a consultant, you would help other businesses evaluate their social media plans and determine a strategy to use going forward.

Social Media Manager

Or you could go even farther than that and actually manage the social media accounts for different business clients so they don’t have to manage those functions in house.

Social Media Marketer

You might also have other accounts on social media that you can use to market products and services for other brands, either on an ongoing or per-post basis.

Social Media Merchant

You can also use social media to actually sell products. You can have an ecommerce store and connect it to sites like Facebook and Pinterest, or you can actually start a dedicated account and list products for sale directly on platforms like Instagram.

Social Media Influencer

If you’ve spent time building up a personal following on social media, you can potentially use your own personal accounts to work with brands to promote their products or initiatives for a fee.


50 Social Media Business Ideas - Blogger

There are many different potential topics you can blog about. And regardless of your topic area, social media is likely going to be a major part of the strategy you use to grow your audience.

YouTube Personality

If video is more of your format of choice, you can also build a business by posting videos to YouTube and making money off of the ad revenue.


You can also potentially build a business by helping others film and create videos to post on YouTube and other social platforms.

Vine Personality

Vine is more of a niche platform. But if you’re skilled with video creation and want to specialize in shorter form videos, you can become a popular personality on Vine, Instagram or other short video platforms and then build a business around that notoriety.

Community Manager

You can offer your services on a freelance basis to companies that have strong online communities and need someone to help manage the community features on their websites and social media.

Content Marketer

Content marketing is a larger marketing concept that can include social media along with some other activities. You can provide content marketing services to businesses, including social media strategy or management, along with other functions.

Content Strategist

You can also serve a more limited role in the content marketing efforts of your clients by simply providing input on strategy decisions regarding social media and other content.

Marketing Consultant

Or you can opt to share your expertise in an even more general role. As a marketing consultant, you’d likely help businesses with a number of different functions, but social media would almost certainly be an important consideration.

Social Media Graphics Designer

Graphics are important on many social media platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. So you can build a business by providing specialized graphics for businesses to use as part of their social media campaigns.

Flat Lay Photographer

On Instagram especially, but also on other platforms, flat lay photographs are very popular for showing off products and styled images. You can style and photograph some flat lay images and sell them to brands to use in their posts, or even work with brands directly to create custom flat lay images.

Stop Motion Videographer

50 Social Media Business Ideas - Stop Motion Videographer

Stop motion videos are also popular on platforms like Instagram since they can tell a story in a fairly condensed time frame. So you can specialize in this area of videography to help businesses with their video content on social media.

eBook Author

If you’re especially knowledgeable about social media, you can write an ebook about it. And then you can use social media to promote the book as well.

Online Course Creator

You can also potentially build online courses to teach other business owners or professionals about various aspects of using social media.

Infoproducts Seller

There are a number of other information products that you can sell related to social media, from workbooks to helpful documents.

Niche Website Operator

If you run a website for a niche interest group, you’ll almost certainly need to include social media as part of your strategy for promoting the site. You might even integrate some social features directly into the site.


50 Social Media Business Ideas - Podcaster

Podcasting is another area where you are likely to need social media to connect with your potential audience.

Online Newsletter Writer

If you prefer communicating with your audience via email, you can start an email newsletter and use social media as a way to promote it and further connect with members of your audience.

Online Magazine Operator

Likewise, online magazines often use social media as a way to really drive engagement with readers and members of the community.

Live Streamer

Platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live offer you a way to stream live video content to your audience. So if you’re building a business as a speaker or expert in your field, you can use those platforms as a way to share your expertise online.

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Many social media platforms also offer advertising options. So you can build a business by helping other businesses create ads and advertising strategies for their social media ad campaigns.

Analytics Specialist

Analytics can also play a major part in the success of social media campaigns. So you can help business clients make sense of their analytics data on social media.

Event Promoter

If you promote events, you’ll almost certainly need to use social media on a regular basis to reach out to potential attendees.

Meme Marketer

It might sound a little strange, but memes can actually hold a lot of potential for marketers. So it could make for a unique specialty for a social media marketing professional.

Animal Celebrity Manager

Likewise, it might sound strange to build a business around posting photos of a pet on social media. But animal celebrities like Grumpy Cat have proven that you can build a business in this area, if you’re social media savvy.


As a recruiter, you have many potential functions. But social media can be a major tool for job hunters. So you can even build a business by specializing in recruiting candidates on social media.

Social Media Tutor

You can also teach others about social media using all of your knowledge and experience. As a social media tutor, you can work one-on-one with others who want to learn how to use various platforms.ss

Workshop Teacher

Or you could opt for a setting where you can teach more people about social media at one time. Offer workshops to teach different aspects of social media to members of your local community.

Social Media Platform Founder

Of course, you can also build your own business by starting your very own social media platform.

Social Media Sales

Social media holds a lot of potential for sales professionals. So you can offer your services to companies that want to leverage those platforms to reach out to potential prospects and even close deals.

Youth Outreach Specialist

Social media is especially popular among young consumers. So if you want to build a business that specializes in reaching out to young consumers on behalf of brands, you could use social media as a big part of your strategy.

Social Media Customer Support Rep

Brands can also use social media as part of their customer service or support strategy. So you can offer your services as a customer support rep who provides assistance to those who reach out on social media.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can handle a variety of different tasks for businesses. But social media is often at least part of the job description.

Public Relations Rep

Public relations is another area that can encompass a lot of different functions. But social media has become a growing part of this industry.

Digital Marketing Specialist

You can also serve as a marketing specialist that works with brands specifically to develop and carry out online marketing strategies, including social media.

Social Media Copywriter

There are also plenty of different opportunities for writers to contribute to the success of social media campaigns. You can offer your services to people who want help crafting their social media posts or ads.

Video Ad Creator

You can also specialize in creating video advertisements for brands that want to advertise their products or services before YouTube videos or on other social platforms.

Affiliate Marketer

If you have a sizeable following on social media and other online platforms, you can earn money from becoming an affiliate for various brands and then getting a portion of the sales you drive to those businesses.

App Developer

It takes a lot more than a knowledge of social media to be a great app developer. But many apps do have social features or integrations, so social media expertise can certainly help.

Social Game Developer

In addition, social media can be a great way to promote games. And some platforms, including Facebook, even offer a platform for actually hosting those games.

Traveling Photographer

If you want to build a business as a photographer, you can use social media as your main way of promoting your services and interacting with potential clients as you travel around the country for different jobs.

Business Coach

If you want to build a business as a coach for other entrepreneurs, you’ll need to have a solid handle on social media so you can help your clients succeed in that area.

YouTube Coach

You can even get really specific with your coaching business and offer services designed to help people who want to build businesses on YouTube.

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you’ll also likely need to use social media as a way to promote your services to business clients and to share your work with relevant audiences.

Online News Reporter

Likewise, social media can be a great way to share local news updates if you start a website or even newspaper in your local community.

Crowdfunding Consultant

Social media can be an essential tool for businesses that want to use crowdfunding to raise money. So you can build a business as a crowdfunding consultant to help those businesses promote their offerings on social media and beyond.

Friends Watching Phone, Blogger, Photographer, Podcast, Man Working on Tablet Photos via Shutterstock


Archos 50 Saphir With IP68 Certification, 5000mAh Battery Launched Ahead of IFA

Archos 50 Saphir With IP68 Certification, 5000mAh Battery Launched Ahead of IFA


  • The Archos 50 Saphir is priced at roughly Rs. 7,500
  • The smartphone is IP68 certified
  • The company claims that it can survive a fall from one meter

Just a day after unveiling a slew of Helium smartphonesahead of IFA 2016, Archos has now launched another smartphone called 50 Saphir. The smartphone will also be showcased at IFA, and will be made available in Europe starting October for EUR 99 (roughly Rs. 7,500).

The highlight of the Archos 50 Saphir smartphone is that it is highly water-resistant. The smartphone is IP68-certified which means it can survive immersion in up to one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Archos further claims that it can withstand falls from one metre.

As for specifications, the Archos 50 Saphir runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and supports dual-SIM (Micro) slots. It features a 5-inch (720×1280 pixels) IPS display, and is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core MediaTek MTK6737VWT processor with 2GB of RAM. It offers 16GB of inbuilt storage that can be further expanded via microSD slot (up to 128GB).

Optics include a 13-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, 1080p video recording, and LED flash. There’s also a 5-megapixel selfie camera on board. The Archos 50 Saphir packs a huge 5000mAh non-removable battery. The company claims that the smartphone can run for two days on one full charge.


Connectivity options include LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi Direct, USB OTG, 3.5mm audio jack, and FM radio. The Archos 50 Saphir comes with light and proximity sensors, and the dimensions of the smartphone measure 146.6×75.9×13.9mm. The device will be made available only in Black colour variant. There is no word on international availability outside of Europe.

As mentioned, Archos also announced the 50f Helium and 55 Helium smartphone lines, and even confirmed its ‘worldwide’ availability for October). All of these smartphones will be demoed at IFA in Berlin.

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InFocus Bingo 50+ With 13-Megapixel Rear Camera, Octa-Core Processor Launched at Rs. 7,999

InFocus Bingo 50+ With 13-Megapixel Rear Camera, Octa-Core Processor Launched at Rs. 7,999


  • It is exclusively available on Amazon India
  • The InFocus Bingo 50+ is powered by a MediaTek MT6753 octa-core SoC
  • It offers 16GB of inbuilt storage

After listing it on its company website last week, InFocus has now launched the Bingo 50+ smartphone in India. The smartphone is available exclusively on Amazon India, and is priced at Rs. 7,999.

Last week, InFocus listed the Bingo 50+ on its website, but the pricing availability details remained a mystery. Now, the smartphone has officially gone on sale on Amazon India. It is available in Silver and Gold colour variants, and InFocus is offering one year manufacturer warranty for the smartphone, and six months warranty for in-box accessories including batteries.

Judging by the name, the Bingo 50+ is an upgrade to the InFocus Bingo 50 that was launched earlier this year. The InFocus Bingo 50+ not only sees upgrades in the specifications department, but is also seen sporting a full metal body. The predecessor Bingo 50 (Read our review here) had options of fake leather or sandpaper finishes for the rear cover panel, and metal was only found on the sides.

As for specifications, the InFocus Bingo 50+ runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based Infinite UI 2.0 OS, and supports a hybrid dual-SIM (Nano + Nano) slot. It features a 5.5-inch HD (720×1280 pixels) display, and is powered by a 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6753 quad-core processor paired with 3GB of RAM. It offers 16GB of inbuilt storage, with the option to expand via microSD card (up to 64GB).


The InFocus Bingo 50+ sports a 13-megapixel rear camera with f/2.2 aperture, autofocus, HDR mode, and full-HD video recording. There is also an 8-megapixel selfie camera on board. It packs a 2600mAh battery that claims to last up to 12 hours of talk time, and 480 hours of standby time. The company claims that the InFocus Bingo 50+ can play music for 58 hours on single charge, and play video for 6.9 hours continuously.

Connectivity options include GSM, WCDMA, 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, FM radio, USB OTG, and 3.5mm audio jack. The InFocus Bingo 50+ measures at 156×76.8×7.25mm and weighs 159 grams. The InFocus Bingo 50+ houses an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and a proximity sensor.

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How to Advertise on Pinterest for Only $50

How to Advertise on Pinterest for Only $50

Want to advertise on Pinterest but not sure where to start? Even brands with budgets of $50 or less can create Promoted Pins to increase their reach on Pinterest. To learn how to make the most of your advertising budget on Pinterest, take a look at the tips below.

How to Advertise on Pinterest Without Spending a Ton

Choose Your Objective

On Pinterest, you can choose from a couple of different objectives for Promoted Pin campaigns — engagement and traffic. So you have to consider your business’s goals and determine which is more important to you — getting more engagement on Pinterest or getting more clicks to your website.

Ideally, getting engagement like repins on Pinterest will eventually lead to more traffic to your website. But if you’re promoting something specific or time sensitive, you’ll likely want to set up a campaign where you pay for actual clicks to your site so that you can then direct users to your offerings or to a signup form for your list. Of course, you can also consider breaking up your advertising budget to do a few different Promoted Pins that fit with different objectives.

Promote Pins That Fit with Your Goals

Once you’ve decided on the overall goal for your campaign, you need to choose or create the right pin to promote. Your pin should fit with the goal that you are trying to achieve with your Pinterest ad campaign. So if you’ve decided to go with a traffic campaign so you can promote your new product line, you’ll need a pin that showcases your products clearly and in a visually pleasing way.

Alternatively, if you want to increase your engagement through Pinterest ads, you might want to go a different direction. Instead of just trying to sell something, offer something of value like an interesting piece of content that your ideal audience is likely to interact with. It should still be at least somewhat relevant to your business. But if you can get people interested enough to interact with those pins, they might be more likely to interact with and click on more of your future pins.

Use Compelling Images

Regardless of what type of ad you choose, you need to really focus on promoting strong images. Pinterest is such a visually inclined platform. So if you create a boring image, people are just going to keep scrolling. Instead, go with an image that stands out through bright colors, contrast, text overlay or some kind of other unique style element that can set your pins apart.

In addition, pins that are long or portrait style, rather than landscape images, tend to do better since they stay on users’ screens longer and take up more real estate. You don’t want to pay a bunch of money to promote a pin if it’s going to be tiny and difficult to see. So make sure it’s going to look great and be easily readable in a thumbnail size.

Add a Relevant Description

Your pin description is also important in letting Pinterest users know what your pin is and why they should care. Try to use at least a couple of relevant keywords, but make sure the caption is also readable and offers value. In addition, hashtags don’t have the same type of usability as they do on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. So don’t clutter your descriptions with tons of them.

Having a relevant and valuable description for your pins is important whether you’re promoting a pin or not. But if you’re paying to promote a pin, you need to show even more care in making sure you have a good caption. You don’t want to pay to reach a ton of Pinterest users only to have them scroll past your pin because they don’t really understand or know the value behind your post.

Include a Call to Action

Another great way to add some value to your Pinterest advertising campaign is through powerful and relevant calls to action. If you want someone to click through your pin to visit your website for some kind of exclusive offer, tell them! People often scroll through content and maybe save it when they see something that catches their eye. But if you want people to take a specific kind of action upon seeing your Promoted Pin, make it really easy for them.

Track Metrics

After you’ve launched a Promoted Pin campaign, you can access insights about the campaign’s performance on the Pinterest Ads dashboard. From there, you can see your campaign’s budget, the cost per engagement, and engagement rates and click-through rates.

Taking a look at those analytics periodically can help you determine what is working and what might need to change. You might also find that a particular pin is doing so well that you want to keep it going. If you’re coming up on the end date you set for your campaign or the end of the budget you initially set, you can change your settings to keep your campaign going if you’re happy with the results.

Promote Your Most Popular Pins

In addition to the budget and engagement rates, the Pinterest Ads dashboard also gives you the opportunity to view your highest and lowest performing Promoted Pins. If you have a limited budget to work with or want to make the most of your advertising dollars, you might consider halting your lowest performing pins and reallocating those funds to the pins that are doing well and bringing you lots of great results.


Logitech Buys Wireless Audio Wearables Maker Jaybird for $50 Million

Logitech Buys Wireless Audio Wearables Maker Jaybird for $50 Million

Logitech on Tuesday announced it has agreed to acquire Salt Lake City-based Jaybird for approximately $50 million in cash. The company in a press statement added that an additional earn-out of up to $45 million is planned “based on achievement of growth targets over the next two years.”

Jaybird is best known for its wireless audio wearables, focused on athletes and other active users. The acquisition will help Logitech cater to the wireless audio wearables market, rather than develop such products from scratch. The move is also being speculated to help the company be a frontrunner in the race for wireless and USB powered audio products, what with rumours of Apple doing away with the 3.5mm jack on its next iPhone, and several Android manufacturers adopting the USB Type-C specification. Logitech said it will not phase out the Jaybird brand.

“Logitech and Jaybird share a passion for products,” said Bracken Darrell, Logitech President and CEO. “We’re impressed by the technology, products and marketing Jaybird has brought to this business. As one team, we can address the fast-growing wireless audio wearables market with all the advantages of Jaybird’s strong brand and sports expertise, and our combined audio engineering and design capabilities. With both the Ultimate Ears and Jaybird brands in our portfolio, we are expanding the long-term growth potential of our music business,” he added.

Judd Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Jaybird, said of the acquisition, “It has been an incredible journey. We love what we do, and we’re stoked to continue to innovate and bring amazing new products to our fans. Jaybird will benefit from Logitech’s global distribution network and deep engineering prowess. We’ve watched as they’ve connected incredible products with passionate consumers under the UE brand, and we’re thrilled to be part of the team.”

In its press statement, Logitech added that it does not expect the acquisition to materially impact its FY2017 guidance, and added that the buyout is subject to customary closing conditions but is expected to close in the “coming weeks.”

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