Rem Koolhaas’ theories on Junkspace are the inspiration for this Synth-pop album

Screenshot from Love at the Mall, by the Tempers.

Seventeen years after publishing his thoughts on ‘Junkspace’ in October Journal, Rem Koolhaas is seeing his theories reprised through an unexpected medium. The Tempers, the New York-based Synth-pop band, dedicated their latest album to Koolhaas’ cynical paper in which he defined much of contemporary architectural production and consumption as Junkspace, the “residue mankind leaves on the planet.”

Screenshot from Love at the Mall, by the Tempers.

The music video for The Tempers’ song, Love at the Mall, begins with a clip of Koolhaas speaking in an interview about the text: “The essence of shopping is to eliminate reality as much as possible.” It then follows the loose narratives of CGI mannequins, plastic flamingoes and synthetic palm trees in a sparse mall setting, adopting several of the themes of Koolhaas’ text, such as alienation, conspicuous consumption and artificiality.


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