PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle Price Slashed, New Camera Bundle Unveiled

PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle Price Slashed, New Camera Bundle Unveiled

Sony has announced a new PlayStation VR bundle in the US and Canada, and given the existing bundle a price cut to encourage new purchases, which will be available later this week on Friday, September 1.

The new bundle consists of the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 (about Rs. 25,500) and CAD 499 (about Rs. 25,500). Sony says that makes the PS Camera a free add-on, given the PS VR by itself costs $399 regularly.

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For what it’s worth, this bundle has existed in India since the launch of PS VR in the country back in March. It has a retail price of Rs. 41,990, though it’s usually available at Rs. 39,000 on Amazon.

The existing bundle that’s getting a price cut in the US and Canada is the launch one: PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, which comes with PS VR headset, PS Camera, two PS Move motion controllers, and PS VR Worlds game.

It will now cost $449 (about Rs. 28,700) and CAD 579 (about Rs. 29,600), down from its earlier price of $499 (about Rs. 33,000). In India, the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle costs Rs. 49,000 on Flipkart.

We’ve reached out to Sony India for comment on whether the existing PS VR bundles in India will be getting a price cut, or whether any new bundles are expected on the horizon. We’ll update this story if we hear back.


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