National Video Game Day 2019: 5 Classic Video Games That Take You back to the 90s

Image result for National Video Game Day 2019: 5 Classic Video Games That Take You back to the 90sOn July 8, the world witnessed National Video Games Day (or National Videogame Day). The obscure ‘holiday’ is one of two National Video Game Days that gamers across the world observe (the other is on September 12).

The first mention of National Video Games Day appears in the 1991 edition of Chase’s Calendar of Events in the US. According to the listing, the day i.e. July 8 is described as “a day for kids of all ages who enjoy videogames to celebrate the fun they have while playing them.”

However, now that gaming has evolved into a full blown multi-billion market, it seems like we have forgotten some of the good old classics that we grew up with as kids.

So this year to celebrate National Video Game Day, we bring to you a series of five popular games that will take you back to 90’s:

Mario: Well who doesn’t remember this classic 90’s game, featuring plumber Mario, this is one of the first video games which introduced the concept of gaming to Indians. This game revolves around Mario trying save a princess.

Tekken: Developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tekken was one of the first arcade games to arrive in India. Following the success of Tekken, its two new versions were also introduced in India. Tekken 7 was released in 2017.

Duck Hunt: Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, Duck Hunt is 1984 light gun shooter video game. In this game all you have to do is shoot the moving ducks down with your mouse. And as a result, you earn a couple of points to advance to the next level.

Road Rash: As one gets to participate in violent, illegal street races, this is one of those games which allow us to act like a real badass. Developed by Electronic Arts, Road Rash is based on motorcycle-racing.

Midtown Madness: Featuring 4 single-player modes, Midtown Madness was originally introduced for teens to learn traffic rules. However, we all know how everyone used to drive while killing pedestrians


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