The Mad Box Game Console Design Has Been Revealed

Slightly Mad Studios presents the initial mock-up design for the Mad Box

The Mad Box Design: Exotic and Practical

The Mad Box looks rather exotic compared to other game consoles or PCs

Let’s start by saying that it’s rather odd that we got the designs so soon. The initial announcement stated that designs would be coming in the upcoming weeks. However, it’s only been just a few days and the design mock-ups are already in the public.

Regardless of the sketchy circumstances regarding the design release. The mock-ups definitely show a … Rather exotic console. However, let’s also remember that this console design is only an initial mock-up. This doesn’t mean this will be the final design of the console itself.

According to Bell, the Mad Box will be designed with portability in mind. It will also have a handle so the console can be carried around without any issue.  The intent is to have a portable console that can be played anywhere.

The statements made by Ian Bell have become rather troublesome for some skeptics. All the while the rest of the people continue asking questions to Ian through his Twitter account. As such, we might see more developments later as the console’s development passes on.

What do you think about the Mad Box’s initial design? Does this design entice you to be hyped about the console’s release? Do you believe Slightly Mad’s promise of bringing the most powerful console ever? Let us know your thoughts over at the VGR Forums.

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