Jon Jones continues to be a source of inspiration for Tom Duquesnoy

French sensation Tom Duquesnoy has long been praised for his strategic approach to the fight game on top of his impressive mixed martial arts skill set.

Most prospects jump at the chance of signing on the dotted line for UFC, but Duquesnoy dismissed the promotion’s advances on more than one occasion as he built his status as the biggest prospect in the sport.

After winning and defending BAMMA’s featherweight and bantamweight titles, Duquesnoy finally signed on the dotted line with the UFC last year, but he insisted that he was in no rush to immediately test his worth against the championship elite.

“Firekid” got off to an emphatic start with the promotion with his second round stoppage of Patrick Williams in April at UFC on FOX 24. As predicted, once he entered the biggest stage in world MMA, the mainstream media in France have begun to take a lot of interest in the 24-year-old.

The sport may still be illegal in France, but with a recent change of government, Duquesnoy believes MMA is the best place it has ever been in terms of gaining legitimacy in his homeland.

“People are beginning to realize that MMA is a real sport that is supervised by professionals and practiced by professionals,” Duquesnoy told MMA Fighting.

“It’s no longer about changing minds in France. It’s more about establishing a federation that can oversee the sport and its practitioners.

“There has been a recent change of government too. The new sports minister is a woman who was training in MMA at one point in her life. She is really open to the idea of legalizing MMA in France.

“It’s the best time for French MMA to progress with the new government in place.”


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