Google, Uber can be Hit by way of New regulations on Maps; government wishes comments

New thought says licence needed to gather info for maps.
Google, taxi apps and others use personal and crowd-sourced maps.
idea talks of huge fines for incorrect depictions of Kashmir.
corporations like Google which provide maps – or services like Uber and Ola which use them – may run into new problem. an offer from the home Ministry suggests that no person ought to be capable of offermaps online without getting a license from the authorities. The draft has been posted right here, and seeks comments within 30 days at [email protected]

right here‘s your seven-factor cheat-sheet to attempt to maintain it easy:

offerings like Google Maps gather records from satellites and crowd-sourced data. those ought to turn out to be unlawful, consistent with this part of the thought: “No individual shall gather geospatial imagery or statistics together with cost addition of any part of India both through any space or aerialplatforms together with satellite, aircrafts, airships, balloons, unmanned aerial automobiles or terrestrialmotors, or some other manner in any way.”
accumulating and sharing statistics for maps – either on websites or via apps – would require a license from an authority that will also log off at the real map.
If series of statistics is regulated, it could cause slowing down normal updates to maps commuters and taxi drivers use to discern out the great route to overcome the traffic, or clearly to navigate a journey.
The form of mapping that must be curtailed, in line with the home Ministry’s suggestion, is also used byprovider agencies like Zomato that supply meals.
current maps aren’t exempt – you may need a license if you have satellite images or other aerial snap shots of India and ought to pay fees for “keeping this geospatial statistics“. The pleasant for disseminating those maps without permits will range between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 100 crore. Seven years in jail is indexed because the most sentence.
Google and others whose maps fluctuate from India’s in terms of Kashmir territory may be unlawful and publishing them could entice a massive excellent.
government departments are exempt from those necessities.
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Post Author: Sristy