Everyday Inspiration – Being Inspired Locally

Far too often, we are guilty of searching for inspiration in all the wrong places. Everywhere we turn society and the media try to dictate to us who we should take our inspiration from, who our “heroes” should be. They tout the goings and doings of celebrities, rock stars, and athletes and place them on a pedestal of inspirational worship. I’m not saying that these individuals are not good people, but they are where they are just by virtue of talent. For some, without their beauty or ability, they would be waiting in line next to you at the grocery store. Yet we allow the media to lift them up as the mouthpiece for every man. Maybe, just maybe, there are other people we need to be looking to for our moral compass and source of inspiration.

Local Inspiration

Why turn to those whose lives seem so foreign and unattainable compared to our daily lives? There is everyday greatness walking the same sidewalks we do. Excellence is sipping coffee right next to us at our favorite coffee shops. Inspiration can easily be found in our everyday heroes. Is it not an inspiring miracle when a single parent works 60 hours a week to meet her children’s needs and still finds time to swing them in the park? Should we not be in awe of the elderly couple who still hold hands in the park after facing 40 years of marriage? Can we not learn something from the magnificent experience and wisdom overflowing at our local senior centers. It is time to look for inspiration in unexpected places, for that is where true greatness abides. There is so very much to gain right at all of our fingertips.

Daily Inspiration

I guarantee the more you search your local area the more amazed you will be at the stories and histories that will inspire you on a daily basis. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to live a life that is an inspiration to others as well. Somewhat of a carpe diem rally call to “be your own inspiration”! The everyday heroes are there for you to find, it is just a matter of searching them out and then soaking up the wisdom and knowledge they have amassed through their trials and tribulations. Who will you let inspire you today? Better yet…..Who will YOU inspire today?


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