Dr Disrespect Calls TimTheTatman’s Computer Donation A Publicity Stunt

Image result for Dr Disrespect Calls TimTheTatman's Computer Donation A Publicity StuntWell that didn’t last long. An amazingly kind gesture by Twitch stream Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar is being mocked by Dr Disrespect, calling into question the motive behind it. TimTheTatman seemingly made a young fan’s life when he offered to buy him a new computer. Dr Disrespect, however, implied on stream that that gift will never come. He even went as far as to act out the hypothetical scenario where TimTheTatman set the whole thing up.

We reported yesterday the story of Brady, a young streamer who plays Fortniteunder the name Bradyzlol. He was randomly paired with TimTheTatman for duo games, and the two hit it off. Brady proved to be way more polite than the stereotype of kids in online games should allow, and had surprisingly mad skills. These two things together made him an instant star to TimTheTatman’s viewers, who started following him en masse.

The hype only built as Tim offered to send Brady $500 to cover the cost of a new gaming computer. Brady continued his gracious attitude in the face of his newfound fame and fortune, tweeting out a heartfelt thanks to Tim. Overall it was a pleasant reminder of how a platform can be used for good.

It didn’t take long for Dr Disrespect to spit on that.

“No he did not buy this kid a computer,” the Doc said. He then goes on to stage a mocking role play, suggesting that Tim set the scenario up and even possibly got the computer from a sponsor.

Miming Tim on a phone call, Doc says “Make me look really good and then I’ll tweet it out, and then I’ll tell my chat to tweet it out so it gets way more likes and retweets. Um yeah, that will really make me look like a good guy. Let’s make that happen. Alright, I love you as a sponsor.”

Of course, Dr Disrespect is a made-up character based on the idea of… disrespect. So whether he really thinks that or is just trying to ruffle feathers is a mystery. At least it keeps him off of Shroud’s back for a while.


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