#4 Cases Of Thinking Through The Experience Design

How technology entrepreneurs are using design thinking mindset to break away from the clichéd problems solution formula, they thought was scalable, to achieve growth. After all, coding their way through problems can’t work every time.

Products are dead. They no longer differentiate you from other brands. But what does – is the experience they offer, as customers look for experience that’s intuitive, personalized, and realistic. This goes beyond just creating a great product. For instance, Apple wins over experience against Samsung despite their phones having almost similar specifications and competing in the same price range. In a way, a great product is a derivation of a great experience. And that’s the holy grail for design thinking that has become ubiquitous today. Top global brands use design thinking – the cognitive approach to derive solutions for customers by connecting with them at the emotional level – as nucleus to whatever they do. “This is an inside – out process, which can be practiced by entrepreneurs as a way of working on day-to-day basis and at the same time – can be sourced to a design agency for specialized needs,” opines design expert Shuchi Gangwal, Founder & Principal Designer of design studio – Kypsa. Chew on the following examples to ‘design think’ your problem. It always works.

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