Click fix: Web-design tweak may end BRS opt-in confusion

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Defense officials appear to have shifted the position of the links on the myPay website, after some service members raised concerns that troops could making an irrevocable decision about the Blended Retirement System with one mistaken click.

A Military Times reader provided information about the new configuration.

The “Opt Into the Blended Retirement System” link has been moved down the menu and into its own section. It had been next to the link that leads troops to their Leave and Earnings Statement, a common click for myPay users.

A soldier’s email to Military Times pointed out concerns that the layout of the myPay website was causing confusion, based on emails circulating around his command. But it’s not possible to accidentally make a decision about the BRS with one click, said Andrew Corso, the Defense Department’s project lead for blended retirement. He outlined the multiple steps required for a service member to opt into the BRS.

He said his office had received “a small number” of questions about the placement of the links on the myPay website, and that officials had been in touch with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, which is responsible for the website,

Further information was not available from DFAS, including whether they’ve received complaints about the placement.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen have until Dec. 31 to opt into BRS via myPay. Marines have the same deadline, but must use Marine Online to make their decision and must do so whether they are opting into BRS or staying in the current system; if member of the other services want to stay in the current system, they do nothing.

Only those who are eligible to make a decision will see these options in their myPay account.


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