The best gadgets for festivals, backpacking and beach breaks

Sand in your hair. Grass on your knees. Unidentified liquid all over your sweatshirt. There’s nothing like a summer spent living it up in the great outdoors.

Sure, it’s messy, muddy and almost certain to leave you with terrible tan lines, but there’s no better way to forget the daily grind than by packing a bag, hitting the road and heading for a festival field or glorious fjord. Or, you know, a bar in far Bombay.

So, whether it’s mountain air, musical blare or a mini gap-year you’re after, these rucksack accessories should have you covered. Except for tetanus. For that you need a nurse.



When it comes to festivals tents, you must follow two rules:

  • The more space, the better – if you’re just sleeping in it yourself, don’t go for a 1 man tent otherwise you will be more squished than the front row at Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage.
  • Two layers are a must – chances are you heard about the weather at Download (more like Drownload). That naff single-layer pop up will probably just get washed away!

That’s why we’re in love with Quechua’s 3 man tent – plenty of space, easy to set up quickly and double-layered for protection from any sudden rainfall.



We know the pain of smartphone battery life at a festival. Snapping all the day’s antics, capturing your favourite bands, switching on “find my friends” to spot someone in a crowd of thousands – it all takes a serious toll on the power.

And we have a great power solution for the campsite further down, but what if you also need something a little more portable? Well, look no further than Mophie’s Powerstation XL.

Packed with a 10,000 mAh battery to provide an extra two days of power to your phone, and a second USB plug for charging multiple devices, this is pocket-sized convenience at it’s best. Plus, with a regulated flow of current, you can rest easy knowing that USB or lightning socket will not be burnt out by some cheap tat battery.


NOKIA 210 (€30)

Remember that festival promo video? You know, the one with care-free souls swaying at sunset as some long-haired bohemian strummed away on stage? Strange how it didn’t show anyone drunkenly slinging their smartphone in a swampy puddle, sobbing uncontrollably then taking a wee in their welly.

Still, if you’re going to lose a mobile in the mud along with your dignity, might as well make it a cheap one – like this internet-connected Nokia, complete with camera and 20-day battery life. Whether its polycarbonate shell can survive a quagmire remains to be seen.


GOAL ZERO YETI 150 (£199.99)

No amount of power can compensate for your cretinous decision to bring a MacBook to a music festival. Only a bag of absoring couscous borrowed from your glamping pals can do that.

Still, at least this 168Wh cube will keep the rest of your tech charged while your Apple dries out. Filled from the mains, a car adapter or an optional solar panel, the Yeti packs a raft of outputs and a battery big enough to juice a smartphone 12 times over. Or a laptop twice, provided it’s not waterlogged.



As anyone who’s wasted a whole box of matches while trying to light a disposable BBQ will know, windy weather is no friend to the humble flame. Reignite your grilling ambitions with this pocket tool from Primus: pop out the top, strike steel against teeth and – danger illustrated! – you’ll have sparks in a flash.

It’s ostensibly friendlier than the late Keith Flint and a more reliable firestarter than the stone which shared his surname.


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