Ben Kingsley reveals inspiration for divisive Iron Man 3 role

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Sir Ben Kingsley has revealed the inspiration behind his divisive Iron Man 3 role.

The British actor joined the MCU as ‘the Mandarin’ in the 2013 film, although he was later revealed to be nothing more than an actor called Trevor Slattery, who had been hired to play the role of the legendary terrorist.

And speaking to GQ, Kingsley revealed how the controversial character was formed from people he actually knew.

“It is his finest hour. It is his greatest performance. I think, in all humility, I must say that Trevor is quite a splendid actor.”

The big reveal split viewers, with some comics fans feeling short-changed by the twist, while others found the moment – and Kingsley’s performance – hilarious.


However, Marvel’s ‘All Hail The King’ one-shot in 2014 suggested that the actual Mandarin was still out there somewhere, and studio boss Kevin Feige even teased plans for the ‘real’ version of the villain to join the MCU in a Reddit AMA last month.

So while Trevor may not be him, it’s still possible that the Mandarin could be the big bad of Marvel’s Phase 4.


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