How To Balance An Online Business While Traveling Full-Time

t’s been two years since I left my corporate life to travel full-time and build my online coaching business. Back then, seeing the world while working remotely seemed like a faraway dream. Now, I can confirm that it’s completely possible for those who want it badly enough.

While this nomadic lifestyle can be challenging, so was going through a long commute every day and sitting in an office for most of my daylight hours. Part of living a fulfilling life is understanding what works for you and what doesn’t, and learning how to deal with the struggles in a healthy way.

Working from the road is a whole different animal than being in a corporate job when it comes to setting your hours and creating separations between work and leisure. I share some tips on how to balance remote work with travel:

Establish a consistent routine

A life of constant travel is as exciting as it is chaotic. When so many variables in your life are shifting on a daily basis, it is crucial to anchor yourself with a routine. Humans inherently crave routine, and although mine may not look like going to the same gym, job, or grocery store every week, it is still a crucial part of my day.

A meditation teacher once told me, “do not let technology be the first thing you do in the morning.” His wise advice has set the foundations for my daily routine: every morning, I get ready, do 15 minutes of light exercise, and 20 minutes or more of meditation before looking at my phone or laptop. Then, I check my messages for about an hour and create a to-do list to set myself up for the day.

This simple routine helps me stay grounded in both my business and personal life so that I can give myself the self-care I need while also making sure I stay on top of my work.

Travel slower and smarter

Over half of my travels are work-related: when companies fly me to their location to coach, lecture, and/or create content, I have to make a conscious effort to carve out the time I need to myself.

The weeks when I am actively traveling for work can get quite busy and overwhelming; that’s why I generally tack on a minimum of 7-10 additional days to explore the country I’m visiting and work on my own projects.

I’ve learned from experience that traveling too hurriedly can lead to some serious burnout, and giving myself extra time in each location has helped avoid that.

The same concept applies if I am traveling through a country for leisure. I estimate how many days I need to see what I want, and then double those days so I have time to rest and work without overextending myself.


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