Art Deco Fonts to Rly Station Signage: How Typography Adds Charm, Uniqueness to Mumbai’s Identity

Mumbai: In every part of Mumbai, alongside the bustling markets, moving crowds, cramped restaurants, noisy railway stations and stagnant traffic, there exists a silent world of written words and signs — the names of stores and restaurants perched on their entry gates, directions on roads and public transport, writings on tickets, and names of buildings written […]

EditorsKit Tackles Typography With First Premium Add-On

Jeffrey Carandang released the EditorsKit Typography Add-On today, the first commercial extension to his EditorsKit WordPress plugin. The plugin provides page and block-level typography options. It works with Google Fonts, includes preset font combinations, and allows users to create custom typography rules. Unlike many other block editor plugins that offer a library of blocks, EditorsKit does not add […]

Why partnering with a web design platform is the right move for your business

Duda is a web design platform for agencies, digital publishers, host providers and SaaS platforms who are looking to integrate a web design platform into their offerings. Based in Palo Alto, their partners include a variety of industry-leading companies such as Hibu, Sensis, Shore, Broadly, and 1&1 Ionos. A sampling of Duda’s clients—Source: Duda […]

Shopping’s sonic inspiration for their minimalist post-punk vision

Self-described as ‘deeply queer; political by default,’ the band’s latest album, ‘All or Nothing,’ is out today. Post-punk trio Shopping is confident, energetic, and unapologetically queer. Based in LA and Glasgow, the band is comprised of Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Billy Easter (bass, vocals), and Andrew Milk (drums, vocals). Their new album, All or Nothing, out today, presents […]

Inspiration, augmented breathing

We need oxygen. We need it for most of our vital activities, including digesting, moving and thinking. And we get oxygen from the fundamental act of breathing, along with plenty of other substances. The natural basic functioning of nature is the terrain where biotech intervenes as a source of change, and artists have used a […]

Creepiest Easter eggs in games

Video game Easter eggs can serve a variety of purposes. From hints about the setting to cheeky acknowledgements of the folks behind the scenes, Easter eggs are pretty much always an exciting discovery. It should come as no surprise, then, that developers sometimes utilize Easter eggs for nefarious purposes. Some Easter eggs are just plain creepy. […]