5 Places to Shop Your Heart Out in Chennai

You genuinely do need good places to shop at while on vacations apart from just exploring the sightseeing spots. It is an undeniable fact that most of the travelers and tourists love shopping while out on holidays to various places. Be it the local traditional items or just anything that catches your attention while exploring the place; shopping is certainly a crucial part of travelling! So, if you are planning to go out on a vacation to Chennai and are wondering where to shop from, then fret not. We have you sorted on that! Here are a few of the best shopping centers Chennai must offer to you! Go through them and then plan your trip online.

Spencer Plaza

The oldest shopping mall in India and one of the biggest at the time, Spencer Plaza is a landmark shopping center in Chennai, and a must visit to shop for a ton of different items ranging from clothes and jewelry to items to decorate your house with and much more. Built back during the British Rule and reconstructed later in 1985, despite being so old you are sure to find something you like here among a number of shops under one vast roof! Excited much? Look for lowest air fare to Chennai from Kolkata and book your trip!

Express Avenue

Express Avenue is another huge famous mall of Chennai. It houses not only a bunch of stores for all sorts of items to choose from for your leisure shopping but also some interesting spots for entertainment and a food court! You can head out to this mall for any item you wish to purchase with a ton of choices all at one place, and also check out the entertainment section of the mall if willing. This mall has everything you would want to buy and will not disappoint!

  1. Nagar

Every city has some of those shopping spots where you get all sorts of traditional as well as trendy stuff to shop from while going super light on your pocket yet getting your hands on decent items. Yes, we all know those perfect little budget friendly go-crazy-and-shop areas! T. Nagar or Thyagaraya Nagar of Chennai is one of those. Its existence goes back to around 1925 and is up until this day one of the cult favorite spots for shopping for both locals and tourists! This is a place where you find anything and everything you can think about buying on your little trip all within one massive area. Of course, you need to work your way in through the crowded streets in the open air unlike those luxurious malls, but it sure is worth it! So, make sure you try and check out the popular T. Nagar before you head out of the city!

Other such shopping centers are Burma Bazaar, and Pondy Bazaar that offer a number of shops lined all at one place. You can go on a hunt for what you wish to buy here for as long as your feet give up! There are sure a bunch of other shopping areas like these in Chennai with these being the prominent ones.

Be it massive luxurious malls or huge street shopping centers, Chennai has it all if you are ready to explore and spend the time! So, shopaholics, what are you waiting for? Now that we have you sorted out the shopping spots for you, go ahead and look up for lowest airfare to Chennai from Kolkata online and get all the necessary bookings done comfortably for a hassle-free trip. Sit back while your comfortable trip is ensured and get ready to fly and shop your heart out while you explore the city!

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