2440 Media Celebrates its 16th Anniversary of Providing Great Web Design Services from Pittsburgh, PA

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PITTSBURGH, March 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 2440 Media offers website design for all types of businesses throughout the US and today marks their 16th year of providing top quality products and internet solutions to both small businesses and individual clients. 2440 Media solutions include their range of standard services as well as bespoke programming and custom applications – all designed to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

A summary of 2440 Media’s web design services:

High Quality Website Design Unlike Any Other

2440 Media’s professional web site design services are available to all customers of all business types. 2440 Media boasts its simple Discovery Process which narrows what a client wants and delivers the perfect design based on the client’s preferences without making the client browse through thousands of design ideas and go through the hassle of a never ending revision process. Every client will also have a visualization of how the final website will be even before the website has even started.

2440 Media uses either Drupal or WordPress to power all of their websites as it is totally customizable and easy to update. With 2440 Media, building a website only requires 3 steps, Discovery, Architecture, and Construction. No hassle, just pure satisfaction.

Mobile Responsive and Optimized

“Most web design companies will tell you that you have to redesign your entire site in order to be mobile friendly, but we know better,” 2440 Media claimed. 2440 Media adds a series of programming codes which enables your current site to look great in mobile devices and with any other screen resolutions without breaking the website’s design. Images will be auto resized and will look crisp and clear.

Unlimited Website Updating and Support

2440 Media will not leave you hanging after you have your website built. In this day and time, every website is not safe from brute force attacks. Keeping a website up to date is very crucial but is also a tedious job for business owners and individual clients to keep up. It is time consuming and confusing. 2440 Media’s solution for this is to offer Unlimited update and support. Forget the stressful “I can do it myself” thing and leave 2440 Media to do it for you. By allowing 2440 Media to take care of the website update and maintenance, every client will be able to free more time and use it in a more profitable way, like perhaps, thinking about the next business expansion.

For the 16 years of service, 2440 Media has been guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for their client’s website and maintenance needs.


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