Google to Build a ‘Primary’ Mobile Index for Search Results in the Next Few Months

Google to Build a 'Primary' Mobile Index for Search Results in the Next Few MonthsGoogle to Build a ‘Primary’ Mobile Index for Search Results in the Next Few Months
Garry Illyes said that the mobile index should arrive in a few months
The new mobile index will be updated more often than desktop
It will be considered as the primary index by Google
Google is going to create a new mobile index for its search engine in the following months. The mobile index will work separately from the desktop index, and be more updated than the desktop index. In the meanwhile, Google is also testing a recommendation widget in search results.

The move to create a new mobile index was announced at Pubcon by webmaster trends analyst with Google, Garry Illyes. He confirmed to Search Engine Land that this should happen in a ‘few months’. The mobile index will be the primary index that the search engine utilises to responding to queries. This desktop engine will also be maintained, but the mobile index will get more priority and be updated more frequently.

The announced move comes as more and more users have started to use the search engine on portable devices. It clearly makes sense for Google to shift focus and create a separate index targeted at mobile users. This idea was first announced last year at SMX, and is now finally being executed.

The guidelines for building a mobile index will presumably be very different from that of desktop, as the content is generally crisper and short. Google has provided little clarity on the technicalities, and has only maintained a vague timeline for finalising them.

This will urge Internet businesses to optimise their content for mobile, and build responsive or mobile exclusive products.
Additionally, Google is also testing a new recommendation widget in its search results page, Android Police reports.

This widget is showing up only for select users, and it shows other related searches right below the link you tapped. This works just like the related searches that show up at the bottom of the page, but the widget is placed right below a link, eradicating the need to scroll all the way down for related searches. This appears only when you tap on a search result, and then go back to the Google search page. The widget shows up right below the link you previously tapped on.

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Romanian Hacker ‘Guccifer’ Sentenced to 52 Months in US Prison

Romanian Hacker 'Guccifer' Sentenced to 52 Months in US Prison

Romanian Hacker ‘Guccifer’ Sentenced to 52 Months in US Prison
Lazar breached Clinton’s private server at her home in New York
He is believed to have hacked into email accounts of about 100 victims
Victims include prominent political figures
A Romanian hacker nicknamed “Guccifer” who helped expose the existence of a private email domain Hillary Clinton used when she was US secretary of state was sentenced on Thursday to 52 months in prison by a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marcel Lazar, 44, who used the alias online, had pleaded guilty in May to charges including unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft after being extradited from Romania.

Lazar’s public defender, Shannon Quill, was not immediately available for comment.

Lazar has said in interviews he breached Clinton’s private server at her home in Chappaqua, New York, but law enforcement and national security officials say that claim is meritless.

Lazar is believed to have hacked into email accounts of about 100 victims between 2012 and 2014.

They include prominent political figures such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a relative of former President George W. Bush and Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton White House aide and an unofficial adviser to Clinton. Clinton is now the Democratic nominee for president.

(Also see: Romanian Man Charged for Bush Family Email Hack)
Lazar leaked online memos Blumenthal sent Clinton that were addressed to her private email account, which was used during her time as secretary of state to conduct both personal and work business in lieu of a government account.

Clinton’s email arrangement, which became the subject of an FBI investigation, has drawn intense scrutiny from Republicans attempting to sow doubt about her honesty ahead of the November 8 presidential election.

An entity calling itself “Guccifer 2.0” and claiming to be a Romanian hacker emerged in June and began taking credit for data breaches at the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

US intelligence officials and cyber security experts believe Guccifer 2.0 is a front for Russian intelligence services intended to spread confusion about the hacks against the Democratic Party.

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Reliance Offers 4G Phone With 3 Months Unlimited Data at Rs. 2,999

Reliance Offers 4G Phone With 3 Months Unlimited Data at Rs. 2,999


  • Reliance is offering unlimited calling and data on purchase of Lyf phones
  • The company announced price drops for several Lyf phones
  • Reliance Jio’s 4G services haven’t been officially launched

Gadgets 360 has learnt that several Lyf-branded smartphones have received official price drops. The company communicated to its dealers that the new prices are effective from Tuesday.

The Lyf smartphones that have received price drops are Lyf Water 2 which will now retail at Rs. 9,499 (a Rs. 4,000 drop from the earlier price of Rs. 13,499); Lyf Wind 6, which will be available at Rs. 5,999 (a Rs. 500 price drop from the earlier price of Rs. 6,499); and Lyf Flame 2 will be available at Rs. 3,499 (receives a Rs. 1,300 price drop from earlier price of Rs. 4,799).

Some of the other handsets that have received a flat Rs. 1,000 price drop are the Lyf Flame 4, Flame 5, and Flame 6. All three will now be available at Rs. 2,999.

With all Lyf-branded smartphones available right now with free unlimited data and voice-calling offers for three months on the Reliance Jio network, interested consumers can now effectively get a new 4G phone and unlimited 4G data and voice-calling for 3 months at Rs. 2,999.

Reliance Jio’s 4G services haven’t been officially launched yet but the company has been offering its services to consumers under an employee referral program. Reliance CDMA customers are also being offered chance to upgrade to a Reliance Jio SIM, and Jio SIMs have also been on offer to anyone who buys Lyf smartphones.

All Lyf branded handsets come with support for 4G and VoLTE (voice over LTE), which provides better call quality.

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PS4 Neo May additionally Still Launch This 12 months Notwithstanding E3 2016 No-Display: File

PS4 Neo May Still Release This Year Despite E3 2016 No-Show: Report

Sony’s upgraded PS4, the PS4 Neo changed into not at E3 2016.
But it Still may Launch this Yr in step with Eurogamer.
The website has a strong tune document in terms of pre-screen facts.
Sony might not have introduced the PS4 Neo at E3 2016, however it could Still be to be had this Yr.

in keeping with Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter, you could probably count on the PS4 Neo beforeMicrosoft’s next souped up Xbox One – Venture Scorpio.

Several assets have indicated to me that Ps Neo launches this 12 months, In spite of its E3 no-Show,” writes Leadbetter. “If this is the case, it’ll be thrilling to peer how developers utilise its sources, andwhether or not 4K truly is the point of interest. And we can be equally as sure that Microsoft can belooking just as closely as it gears up for its very own subsequent-gen roll-out.”

This moves us as atypical thinking about that E3 is normally the location where these kind ofannouncements are absolutely made. However with Gamescom in August and the Tokyo Sport Displayquickly after Sony does Still have a window to unveil it’s generation at the PS4.

If the PS4 Neo releasing this Year is proper, it corroborates Giantbomb’s Report that from October each PS4Sport needs to have two separate running modes.

Furthermore there are strict hints for developers to make sure there aren’t any Neo-one of a kind video games, gameplay capabilities or options special to it. There can be parity in terms of peripheralsinclusive of Ps VR as well. No fee has been acquired but it ought to retail for round $399 (around Rs. 26,500), this have to put it inside the range of Rs. forty,000 for India which was the rate of the PS4 atlaunch in the region.

In verbal exchange with Monetary Instances that showed the PS4 Neo’s absence at E3, Andrew House, President and Worldwide Chief Executive of Sony Interactive Enjoyment did not country how much the PS4 Neo will be bought for. He did trace that the “highquit PS4″ could be extra costly than the present day $350 model. Proper now, the PS4 has an MRP of Rs. 32,990 in India.

It’s far intended to sit down along and supplement the same old PS4,” he said. “We will be promotingboth [versions] through the life cycle.”

House claims it will goal hardcore games and people searching with a 4K Television seeking out greaterhighdecision content.

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Microsoft guidelines at ‘floor telephone’ innovations; Will stop floor three This 12 months

Microsoft Hints at 'Surface Phone' Innovations; Will Discontinue Surface 3 This Year

The surface to target the excessiveend market
it’ll cater to the business enterprise phase
government claims floor telephone will be class innovating
Microsoft has been rumoured to be running on the surface cellphone for quite some time now, and it’s miles anticipated to unveil it in early 2017. Now, the enterprise‘s corporate vice chairman of windowsKevin Gallo has shed a few greater light on what Microsoft has in thoughts on the subject of its destinysmartphone impartingidea to be the a whole lot-awaited surface smartphone.

Gallo told The sign up that the next Microsoft cellphone might be a highstop model catering to theagency market. He hinted that the subsequent home windows 10 mobile could beclass innovating’.whilst Gallo didn’t specifically mention the floor cellphone, he did speak about Microsoft’s new foundcognizance at the corporation market. The organisation is looking to abandon its efforts in the crowdedaccess degree market, and bring the highgive up floor products notion manner to its OEMmerchandise as nicely.

we’re without a doubt aligned to what we’ve got finished on the home windows desktop […] that iswe’re going to lead with a few excessive quit and category innovation like we’ve achieved with floor, and OEMs will move and construct the breadth of the catalog,” Gallo said in the document.

overdue ultimate yr, the Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela tipped that the organization was developing a ‘leap forwardsurface cellphone. It was also rumoured that Microsoft is planning to unveil three modelscentered at normal purchasers, businessunique, and fanatics. The surface cellphone is expected to be powered via the Snapdragon 830 SoC paired with up to 8GB of RAM. it is also anticipated to come with128GB of integrated storage, in addition to Continuum guide.

Microsoft one at a time also showed that the corporation will stop producing surface three drugs from December 2016. The enterprise is also thinking of on whether it have to launch the floor three successor or no longer. The pill was no longer as successful because the floor pro four, and the surface ebook, and Microsoft may additionally just decide to desert the product line altogether. To generate income for the floor 3, the enterprise has been slashing the charge of the tablet throughout final 12 months.

due to the fact launching surface 3 over a 12 months ago, we have seen strong demand and prideamongst our clients. inventory is now confined, and by means of the quit of December 2016, we are able to not manufacture floor three devices,” Microsoft advised ZDNet. The record also claims that the Microsoft is having a hard time maintaining the Microsoft Band 2 in inventory.
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PS4 Neo can also nevertheless launch This 12 months notwithstanding E3 2016 No-display: document

PS4 Neo May Still Release This Year Despite E3 2016 No-Show: Report

Sony’s upgraded PS4, the PS4 Neo become no longer at E3 2016.
but it nevertheless would possibly launch this yr consistent with Eurogamer.
The website online has a strong track file in phrases of pre-screen information.
Sony won’t have introduced the PS4 Neo at E3 2016, but it could nonetheless be to be had this 12 months.

in step with Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter, you can probably count on the PS4 Neo earlier thanMicrosoft’s next souped up Xbox One – mission Scorpio.

numerous assets have indicated to me that ps Neo launches this 12 months, regardless of its E3 no-display,” writes Leadbetter. “If this is the case, it’ll be interesting to look how developers utilise itssources, and whether or not 4K clearly is the point of interest. And we can be similarly as certain that Microsoft may be looking simply as intently as it gears up for its very own subsequent-gen roll-out.”

This moves us as extraordinary considering that E3 is usually the area where these sort of bulletins arereally made. but with Gamescom in August and the Tokyo game display quickly after Sony doesnevertheless have a window to unveil it is iteration at the PS4.

If the PS4 Neo liberating this year is true, it corroborates Giantbomb’s report that from October every PS4sport wishes to have separate operating modes.

furthermore there are strict pointers for developers to ensure there aren’t any Neo-extraordinary games, gameplay features or options specific to it. There may be parity in phrases of peripherals which includeps VR as properly. No rate has been obtained but it should retail for around $399 (round Rs. 26,500), this need to put it within the variety of Rs. forty,000 for India which was the charge of the PS4 at releaseinside the location.

In communique with monetary instances that confirmed the PS4 Neo’s absence at E3, Andrew house, President and global leader govt of Sony Interactive leisure did now not nation how much the PS4 Neomight be offered for. He did hint that the “excessivequit PS4″ might be greater costly than the present day $350 model. proper now, the PS4 has an MRP of Rs. 32,990 in India.

it’s far intended to take a seat along and supplement the usual PS4,” he said. “we are able to bepromoting both [versions] via the lifestyles cycle.”

residence claims it’s going to target hardcore games and those searching with a 4K television seeking out more highresolution content.

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Small Biz Lending Up 11 percentage Over last 12 months, PayNet Says


U.S.-based small companies skilled an increase in borrowing in September as compared to a downwardlymodified analyzing of a hundred thirty five.6 in August, and rose by using 11 percentage overremaining 12 months, Reuters pronounced.
The Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small enterprise Lending Index rose to one hundred forty.4 in September from the previous month’s 135.6 rating.
Small corporations doing the borrowing are in numerous enterprise sectors, consisting of transportation, warehousing, construction, accommodation, food, healthcare and actual property.
plainly greater small agencies are looking forward to a upward push in family spending over the next few months.
“It’s consumer, consumer, consumer,” bill Phelan, President of PayNet, informed Reuters. “This above-average increase fashion method that small commercial enterprise is going to supply fabric amountsof growth to GDP in the fourth region.”
The index reached a document excessive this past June.
according to posted reviews, the Federal Reserve said whether or not it raises fees in December can bebased on actual and projected development toward its dreams of 2 percentage inflation and fullemployment.
Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small commercial enterprise Lending Index (SBLI) is a notably-correlated mainindicator of the GDP. PayNet tracks new borrowing pastime regarding tens of millions of U.S.organizations through its special database to calculate its predictive index.
PayNet’s proprietary database is defined as the richest and biggest series of small enterprise loans,rentals, and lines of credit in lifestyles. It collects actual-time information from greater than three hundred leading U.S. creditors and replace the information on a weekly foundation.

Alibaba reports soar in sales Q1 2016, Its fastest growth in a 12 months

Alibaba Reports Jump in Revenue Q1 2016, Its Fastest Growth in a Year

chinese language e-commerce massive Alibaba’s revenue surged 39 percentage yr-on-yr inside the firstthree months of 2016, the organization stated Thursday, its fastest boom inside the last four quarters.

sales hit CNY 24.18 billion ($3.75 billion or kind of Rs. 24,942 crores) for the three months to March, it saidin its quarterly results assertion, defying both China’s financial slowdown and growing opposition in theglobal‘s largest e-commerce market.

The quarterly sales parent beat analysts’ average estimates of a 33 percentage upward push, according to forecasts compiled by Bloomberg information.

“Our amazing results this quarter reflect the precise strength of our center e-commerce businessdespite tough monetary conditions,” Alibaba’s leader economic officer Maggie Wu stated inside theassertion.

Alibaba is China’s dominant player in on-line commerce with its Taobao platform envisioned to maintainextra than 90 percent of the purchaser-to-patron market, and its Tmall platform is assumed to have overhalf of of commercial enterprise-to-consumer transactions.

The business enterprise is taken into consideration a proxy for the chinese language economy, whichextended at its slowest fee in seven years throughout the primary sector of this year, rising an annual 6.7percentage.

but Alibaba’s internet earnings because of shareholders rose eighty five percentage year-on-year inside the region led to March to $832 million, the corporation said.

For the whole economic 12 months led to March, internet income rocketed 196 percent to $eleven.08 billion.

“Alibaba remains a enterprise that could make money,” Tiffany Zheng, an analyst at consultancycommercial enterprise connect China, told AFP earlier than the results were announced.

The company‘s intently-watched gross products volume (GMV) – a measure of price for on line income – rose 24 percentage 12 months-on-year to $a hundred and fifteen billion for the area resulted in March and stood at $485 billion for the entire financial year.

Alibaba had already announced that completeyr GMV surpassed CNY three.0 trillion, which theorganization claimed made it the world‘s biggest retailer.

“Its capacity to leverage its strong GMV increase for revenue has increased after a chain of acquisitions,” Zheng added.

Alibaba has been searching for to make bigger outside its center e-trade commercial enterprise, in sectors ranging from sports to enjoyment.

In April, Alibaba also received a controlling stake in Southeast Asian on line buying platform Lazada for $1.0billion to make bigger outdoor China.

Alibaba and its economic associate Ant last month invested $1.25 billion in a food shipping companybecause it boosts on-line-to-offline commercial enterprise within the competitive chinese languagemarketplace.

there is hypothesis that Alibaba founder Jack Ma, China’s 2nd richest person with a internet really worthof $32.9 billion, plans to buy Italian soccer membership AC Milan, even though he has joked about thereviews.

this sort of buymight expand the impact of Alibaba’s logo in Europe or even the sector, which couldassist raise the execution of Alibaba’s globalisation method,” Gao Shuang, an analyst at the governmentsponsored China internet community facts middle, instructed AFP.

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