Inspiration for graduation speeches comes from all sorts of lofty sources: historical figures, classic literature – even other graduation speeches. Few resonate beyond a given ceremony. Then there is the commencement address delivered by James E. Ryan to the 2016 graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ryan, dean of that school, was selected […]

OnePlus 5 Emergency Call Bug Fix Reportedly Causing Battery Life Issues

While OnePlus can be commended for swiftly pushing out a fix for the emergency calling bug, it appears its swiftness may have resulted in another issue. The bug fix update for the emergency call issue, where OnePlus 5 users faced unexpected reboots while calling helpline numbers including 911, reportedly brought along battery life issues to the smartphone. OnePlus has separately been tipped […]

BE MORE MARTYN ‘Legend’ Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett hailed as an inspiration of how to live life to the fullest

Martyn Hett died in the horrific attack at the Manchester Arena on Monday night TNI PRESS 6 He had a tattoo on his leg of Deirdre Barlow and was a huge Corrie fan GETTY IMAGES 6 The 29-year-old has been praised as an inspiration of how to live life to the fullest A blogger, Emlyn […]

Octavo Redux: The much revered International Journal of Typography to be brought back to life

During the 1980s and early 1990s, the publication of eight issues of Octavo, International Journal of Typography, was an important act of graphic authorship. Since then, the legendary journal – which was designed by creative studio 8vo – has acquired mythic status and original copies have long been (almost) impossible to find. Until now, that […]

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously Could Save Your Business – or Even a Life! (Watch)

St. Jude Pacemakers Updated After Flaw Made Them Vulnerable To Hackers Volkswagen Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charges In Emissions Scandal 200 Dogs And Puppies Rescued From Dog Meat Farm In South Korea Scientists Upgrading Very Large Telescope To Search For Exoplanets If your business uses technology of almost any kind, you could be vulnerable to […]

8 Twitter Scheduling Tools to Change Your Life

Scheduling your tweets is a semi-contentious subject for some who are very active on Twitter. Some say you should be present when you tweet; no scheduling. Others know you can’t be on Twitter constantly or you won’t get anything else done. This post is to help those who know that automation tools make it possible […]

Twitch IRL Launched, Takes on YouTube and Facebook With New Way to ‘Life Stream’

On Amazon’s streaming game platform Twitch, the world of gaming is being intermingled with real life. A feature unveiled Thursday by Amazon called IRL – the acronym for “in real life” – lets people broadcast moments from their lives as part of game play. Amazon called this feature “a new content category designed to both enable […]

With BigPicture, Spreadsheets Come to Life with Visuals

Usefulness Functionality Price Summary BigPicture combines the power of Excel to manipulate numbers and play all sorts of “what if?” scenarios and reporting set-ups with automatically created, easy-to-understand images. You’re gonna’ wonder how you ever lived without it. Being introduced to BigPicture is like peeling an onion – there are a lot of layers inside, each […]