Mom Creates Pure Organic Bars So Kids Eat Healthy Snacks

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Veronica Bosgraaf owns a successful company that provides food products to grocery stores around the country. But she didn’t originally set out with that ambition.

Her company, Pure, was actually born because of her daughter’s class trip to a local petting zoo. While her family was eating chicken for dinner the night after the field trip, Bosgraaf noticed a pensive look on her daughter’s face. She told The Huffington Post:

“I could see what was happening in her little brain. She was putting it all together, what was on her plate with the experience she’d had at the farm.”

It was then that Bosgraaf’s daughter decided to become a vegetarian. That decision forced Bosgraaf to get a little creative with meal preparation.

One day, when she was working on some new dessert ideas, she created a bar with just some dates, almonds, salt, cinnamon and cocoa powder. While her creation was healthier than most snacks, her kids also voiced their approval. Soon, she was making the bars in higher volumes for her kids’ friends and classmates. She also experimented with adding some new ingredients.

Bosgraaf started thinking that she could have a business on her hands. She spoke to a mentor who encouraged her to get a nutritional breakdown of the bars, buy ingredients in bulk, and find a manufacturer.

A little more than four years after she made that initial batch of bars in her own kitchen, Bosgraaf had her Pure organic bars placed in natural food stores nationwide. Her bars are even sold at major chains like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Like so many small businesses, Bosgraaf’s success is due to a need she saw in her own life. And filling that need is still the part of her business that she is most proud of. She explains:

“Even if all of this ended tomorrow, knowing that Pure helps people eat better and feel better means the world to me. It’s fun, rewarding, and a huge blessing to grow a business that enriches people’s lives and gives back to the community in a meaningful way.”


Parallel Revolution Creates Shirts that are Green and Stylish


A new brand has its sights set on a better way to make clothing. But, for a change, the focus seems to be as much on the way the clothes look and feel as on the environment.

Parallel Revolution is the brainchild of Jake Wade, a recent graduate of California State University, Chico’s entrepreneurship program. During his freshman year he co-founded the company. After half a dozen modifications and pivots, the brand finally found itself in the ‘Eco-USA-Craftsmanship’ niche.

Wade told Business Opportunities in a recent interview:

“We’ve completed a production run of what we believe to be the most sustainable shirt in the world, made in America. An ‘old’ tagline of ours is ‘Planet Earth’s Preferred Outfitter,’ which stems from our commitment in making things Earth can be proud of (or would ‘approve [of]’).”

Parallel Revolution markets eco-friendly hemp clothing sans the tie-dye hippie feel. Even the company’s packaging and tags are recyclable and reusable. Heck, the tags can even be planted to grow wildflowers.

All of the woven products are produced in the U.S. with some smaller items being produced overseas. The company says its approach supports the farmers who grow the materials for its textiles and their families. Parallel Revolution also says it invests two percent of each sale to benefit charity and nonprofit organizations.

Parallel Revolution’s products focus on letting the materials speak for themselves, Wade explains.  When it comes to his goals, he plans to “let handsome design do the selling and hemp’s natural properties deliver lasting satisfaction for the customer.”

In this video, Wade talks more about the benefits he hopes customers will see in the clothing line.

There are many reasons hemp makes great clothing, Wade says. The material is breathable, comfortable and durable. Wade even claims it contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties keeping you cleaner and fresher for longer. But Hemp is also stronger than cotton, polyester, and blends of the two thanks to its rugged fibers.

Even Parallel Revolution’s buttons are created from strong, eco-friendly materials. Each is crafted from a Tagua palm nut from the rain forests of Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and Southern Panama. Local workers collect the fallen nuts, which are later sold to a button manufacturer. There they are carved, finished, and sometimes dyed to meet specifications.

The idea is not only to use sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable materials, but also to take advantage of the crack and fade resistant properties the Tagua nuts offer.


Aam Aadmi party dips its feet in Goan waters and creates a rumble within the Konkan

Aam Aadmi Party dips its toes in Goan waters and creates a rumble in the Konkan

On a blistering Sunday afternoon in Panaji, established countrywide parties and the myriad local clothingin Goa felt the heat following an outstanding rally by the Aam Aadmi birthday party. As rivals reeled fromthe scale and enterprise of the can also 22 occasion, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, who is Delhi’s leaderminister, formally announced that the birthday party would contest all forty seats in next 12 months’s elections for the Goa assembly.

although AAP is definitely simply testing the political waters inside the kingdom, each the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata celebration had been stung into a reaction with the aid of noon the following day.

The nation unit of the ruling BJP dared Kejriwal to carry concrete cases of corruption earlier than the nationLokayukta. The celebration also recommended that AAP make public targeted debts of the money spent on Sunday’s big rally, wherein it became clean that no cost were spared. The BJP went directly to accuse the Delhi leader minister of “insulting Goans” for suggesting that the nation’s tourism became renowned for “intercourse, capsules and gambling”.

Leaders of the opposition Congress also hit out at Kejriwal, stating that at the same time as he had spokenabout corruption for the duration of the BJP’s 4yr reign in Goa, the nation unit of AAP had neitheruncovered nor taken at the nation authorities on these problems. A Congress spokesperson accused AAP of becoming energetic simplest months before an election yr.

local enchantment

at the same time as Sunday’s mega rally ruffled the feathers of the foremost gamers, Goa’s regionalevents had commenced to experience AAP’s presence a good deal earlier. within the weeks walking as much as Kejriwal’s rally, supporters of local fronts which include Goa ahead, United Goans Democraticbirthday celebration, Goa Suraj party, and several newer formations, had engaged in a war of phrases on social media.

AAP was labelled as an outsider to Goan politics, yet every othercountry wide”, New Delhi-primarily based political formation imposing itself at the small coastal state, with a restrained information ofneighborhood realities.

For all its mobilisation, it’s miles this outsider tag that might properly be the biggest task for the Aam Aadmi birthday party in Goa to shake off. The nation is already painfully acutely aware of its shrinking “native” numbers and emotive problems over identity, language, migration, transferring land possessionfor “outsiders” and demands for special popularity take precedence.

It did now not help that AAP’s first main political meeting changed into nearly an all-Hindi affair, whereinslogans which includes Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram raised a language and cultural pitch with outthe kingdom‘s Konkani and Marathi ethos, some thing which events just like the Congress and BJP takeparticular care to contain and emphasise.

similarly, the overpowering presence of outstation volunteers and supporters that AAP delivered in to reinforce its limited local presence and organisational muscle quickly have become fodder for its detractors. but, there was considerable participation from the in large part Christian wallet of North and South Goa.

to boost its reference to the neighborhood population inside the Konkani-speaking state, thecelebration needs effective neighborhood orators and leaders, an element which turned into missing at Sunday’s rally. The absence of outspoken activist Oscar Rebello became virtually felt. Rebello has been aregular supporter and prominent celebration face due to the fact that AAP’s inception, however is reluctant to dive into electoral politics.

With Rebello out of the picture, some sections of the kingdom unit have discussed journalist Rajdeep Sardesai as a probable leader ministerial candidate. while Sardesai has denied any instant interest ingetting into politics, his presence at Kejriwal’s rally, albeit within the press place, has similarly fueledspeculation. Sardesai informed that too much become being read into the matter, adding that heturned into within the nation to get hold of the Goan of the 12 months award from a local book.

locating favour

AAP’s foray into Goa makes feel for a party wanting to develop its presence outdoor Delhi. It’s a plausibleexperiment, for the reason that Goa is a small kingdom. further, there’s present day enormousdisaffection in opposition to both the BJP and the Congress in the nation. because the BJP battles anti-incumbency, the Congress is ready inside the wings to return to strength in Goa, however is grappling withinner management squabbles and terrible media insurance. This offers an opportunity for AAP to offeritself as a viable opportunity.

Its hoardings have referred to as for a political revolution and there are early indications that thecelebration will use the organisational revel in gained in Delhi to its gain in Goa.

country in-price Pankaj Gupta has definitely camped in Goa over the last six months, slowly constructingthe birthday celebration’s organisational base and lengthening its reach with the help of neighborhood, village-level civic activists and the intelligentsia. Door-to-door campaigns and a concerted effort to attract incenter magnificence women appears to be working in AAP’s favour. The birthday celebration has alsoobserved support from disgruntled sections of educated youngsters, who are attracted to AAP’s anti-corruption plank in a nation wherein corruption is rife, authorities jobs are allegedly sold, and cliques and political patronage are extra beneficial than merit.

while it might appear that its neighborhood supporter base remains small, AAP is promising to ramp up its presence within the coming months. For starters, Kejriwal is anticipated to visit the country greater often.however it remains to be visible if the birthday party will makes waves for the reason that the BJP and the Congress are firmly installed right here and nearby parties have wallet of cautiously cultivated voter bases. The birthday party also faces the mission of guidance the discourse toward its USP of anti-corruption in a kingdom where local troubles currently dominate the discourse.

Anti-corruption is its consolation region, but the birthday celebration will at some point should take a stand on a number of Goa’s more vexed, intractable and divisive problems consisting of mining, casinos and language, all of that have singed each ruling political celebration in the past. this may be key to itspotentialities of being extra than only a peripheral participant inside the country.

ultimately, if AAP has to keep the momentum created through Sunday’s rally, it will should etch out itsnearby presence, not simply in organisational skill however also in ideological readability.