Goldman Sachs asked its interns about their spending habits, social media apps, and dreams – here are their answers

Internship season has wrapped up on Wall Street, and young financiers have headed back to school with all the new skills and knowledge they picked up over the summer. Of course, banks can also learn a thing or two from the young people they hire for a summer. Goldman Sachs on Thursday released the firm’s second […]

Leading Into Prime Day, Amazon Offers 4 Months of Music Unlimited for $0.99 – Deal Alert

Amazon’s Music Unlimited service is typically offered at $9.99/month, but Amazon has activated a special promotion as a teaser to their upcoming Prime Day on July 11. The promotion just dropped today and gets you 4 months of their Music Unlimited service for just $0.99, if you’re a Prime member (or have a 30 day […]

Blizzard Announces New Hearthstone Expansion – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Blizzard Announces New Hearthstone Expansion – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan At BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard made tons of announcements that included a new Overwatch character and a content patch for Diablo 3. Among the announcements, Blizzard also announced a fourth expansion for free-to-play collectible card game. ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ is the latest major content addition […]

Pokemon Go Now Available to Download in UK, Germany – When is India?

HIGHLIGHTS Pokemon Go is now available in Germany This should result in an international release soon Some speculate a Thursday release for the game worldwide Earlier in the week we reported that Pokemon Go was slated for a worldwide release soon. It seems that Niantic and The Pokemon Company are sticking to this. Reason being, […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Confirmed

HIGHLIGHTS Popular and critically acclaimed RPG The Witcher 3 will be re-released This has been confirmed by developer CD Projekt RED It should include all DLC, post-game content, and sport the same price After a listing on the German age-ratings board USK revealed the existence of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt- Game of the Year […]

2 Inquiries Now Reading The Lines – And Between Them – Of Zakir Naik

The Bangladesh government has alleged that Dr Zakir Naik’s speeches inspired two of the attackers. MUMBAI:  HIGHLIGHTS Dr Zakir Naik, 50, is controversial Mumbai televangelist Cited as inspiration for weekend’s cafe attack in Dhaka Centre and state now reviewing his speeches, he denies allegations The speeches of Dr Zakir Naik, described as incendiary by critics […]