Combat Compliance Issues Using Routine Testing

Gas stations are in business to make a profit, but there are regulations that have to be followed that speak to safety, quality, and integrity. Hiring a compliance testing service is a quick way to find out if you are operating within all regulatory guidelines. Get an honest assessment before it is time to undergo an inspection.

Monitoring Compliance with All Pump Equipment

All gas stations in the state of California have to undergo inspections to test for compliance with equipment care, function, and accuracy. When serious problems are found by inspectors, there can easily be heavy fines and closure of the business, in some cases. It is a far better solution to undergo testing for compliance on your own and fix any problems found. The pumps need to be in safe operating condition and provide the exact amount of fuel stated. The octane level posted has to be correct.

Testing Compliance with Holding Tanks

Fuel holding tanks have to pass rigorous inspection for proper installation, lack of fumes that can be harmful to the environment, and free of leaks. All tanks must be properly marked and covered for public safety.

Testing Technicians that Understand All Local, State, and Federal Regulations

You need to use technicians that can test with an experienced eye for problems that local, state and federal inspectors would try and find. They need to be knowledgeable of all regulations that deal with compliance.

Fast Repairs for Noncompliant Areas

Once a problem has been found, you need these same professionals to help provide the repair solution. These technicians will carry many of the basic repair parts that might be needed to get you in compliance that day. If not, the parts will have to be ordered and brought out to complete the repair on another day.

Retesting for Compliance Assurance

Once the repair is done, testing can be completed again to provide peace of mind and assurance that your gas station is now in full compliance. You now have every reason to feel confident that your business would pass an inspection without any trouble.

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